Registration for Classes

Fall 2016  Registration

Registration for Fall 2016 began in April 2016 and will continue through the first week of class (first day of class is August 29, 2016).   Below are resources to help you prepare for registration and complete your registration for classes through the Nest.  

Fall 2016 Schedule  

In an effort to highlight the courses that will be most usful to PLS students, we assembled a list of Fall 2016 online courses and a selection of on-campus courses with a start time of 5:00 PM or later.   For a complete listing of all courses offered in fall and to review the most recent updates, please seach the course schedule accessible through the Nest or through the public view schedule.  

 To search for available classes:


  • Log onto The Nest
  • Click on the Registration Icon at the top of the page and then click on "Look up classes to add."

PLS Registration Guide

This guide will help you to effectively search and registrater for classes though the Nest.    

Questions about registration?  Please email or use this link to schedule an appointment with a staff member in the PLS Advising Office.