Professional & Liberal Studies

B.S. Professional and Liberal Studies

Of all our majors, Professional and Liberal Studies is the most populated and has the greatest number of concentrations. Within this major, we are constantly developing new concentrations in emerging fields of interest and in response to exciting new technologies. The two primary areas of study in this popular major are professional studies and the liberal arts, which points both to the breadth and scope of the major.

Professional Studies is tailor-made for today's adult-student: accelerated to help you reach your goal quicker; flexible in both the quantity and quality of electives you are able to choose; and applicable to a broad range of career paths. If you are without an immediate career objective, a degree in professional studies helps keep your options open. Short-term, you can also enhance your market value by earning certificates of proficiency in certain concentrations, e.g., communications, while you are pursuing your longer-term goal.

Concentrations in the Professional and Liberal Studies degree program are:

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