Legal Studies

B.S. Legal Studies (program requirements)

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Legal Studies

Degree:The bachelor's degree in Legal Studies is offered under the aegis of the Department of Political Science. Answering the growing need for non-lawyer professionals in law firms, government agencies, and legal departments the coursework prepares students to have a solid grounding in the fundamentals characteristic of the paralegal profession, in addition to a firm foundation in the liberal arts. Graduates will bring to the practice of their profession an ability to analyze problems, research solutions, and present answers in a convincing fashion both in writing and orally. The program's professional element is designed to meet the standards set by the American Bar Association, thereby ensuring that graduates will become sought-after members of the paralegal profession.

Students who graduate from Saint Joseph's University with a B.S. in Legal Studies and who have taken the majority of their Legal Studies (LAW) courses at Saint Joseph's, will receive a paralegal certificate upon graduation.

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Requirements: Fulfill the undergraduate curriculum in Legal Studies totaling 120 credits (40 courses) as described in the current SJU course catalog. Students need to take at least thirty credits (ten courses) including four upper division courses required for the major from SJU.

Transfer: Up to 75 credits from an accredited college or university as long as the grade in each course to be transferred is at least "C" and fulfills a requirement of the program.We will work with you to identify other ways which you may be able to earn academic credit through ELAP, CLEP and Challenge exams.