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Independence Blue Cross


Saint Joseph's University (SJU) has partnered with Independence Blue Cross (IBC) to offer an on-site degree completion program to IBC associates to complete their bachelor's degree requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Professional and Liberal Studies (Concentration in Organizational Development and Leadership).

Degree and Program of Study: This degree program provides the opportunity for IBC associates with prior college experience to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Joseph's University. The major is designed to suit a wide variety of academic and professional interests; practical and applicable to many fields. The curriculum is a synthesis of leadership development and professional communications. Specific objectives include the application of social science and leadership theory to the solution of organizational problems in a health care environment, to analyze the motives, personalities, and behavior of others in organizations to think critically and to communicate effectively both in speech and writing.

The Bachelor of Science in Professional and Liberal Studies is the only degree program currently being offered at IBC. If you wish to complete your degree in another SJU major, you may do so by enrolling in courses offered at our main campus located on City Avenue between western Philadelphia and Montgomery County suburbs.

Degree Requirements: Fulfill the undergraduate curriculum in Professional and Liberal Studies totaling 120 credits (40 courses) as described in the program plan. Students need to take at least 30 credits (ten courses) including four upper division courses required for the major from SJU.

Location and Scheduling: SJU will offer 15 course requirements  needed by IBC associates to complete degree requirements. The courses are listed here. Most of the courses will be taught on-site; however, some may be offered on the main campus.

ENG 112 Research Based Writing (3 credits)
ODL 200 Career and Personal Development (3 credits)
ODL 300 Organizational Psychology (3 credits)
ODL 310 Group and Team Dynamics (3 credits)
ODL 320 Leadership Psychology and Development (3 credits)
ODL 330 Issues in Organizational Psychology (3 credits)
ODL 340 Coaching and Consulting Psychology (3 credits)
PWS 263 Organizational Writing (3 credits)

PHL 154 Moral Foundations (3 credits)
THE 154 Faith, Justice and the Catholic Tradition (3 credits)
THE GEP requirements (3 credit)
THE or PHL (6 credits)
Language GEP courses (6 credits)

Admission Requirements: (1) Prior college coursework (45-60 transfer credits) from a regionally-accredited post-secondary institution (college or university); (2) Transfer course work with a grade of "C" or better and at least one English Composition course; (3) For full acceptance, must have 2.5 or better cumulative grade point average. (4) If cumulative GPA is below 2.5 or you have less than 45 credits of prior college coursework, provide a resume and personal statement of no more than 300-500 words expressing your educational and professional goals. Your admissions application, personal statement, and any prior college coursework will be considered by the Admissions Review Committee for conditional acceptance.

Complete an SJU Admission Application (paper form, or do it online). Your paper application can be faxed to 610-660-1264. Apply online at Be sure to indicate IBC as your employer.

Transcripts: If you would like to know how credit from another institution will transfer into the IBC on-site degree completion program in Bachelor of Science in Professional and Liberal Studies, here's how.

Request official transcripts, sealed in an envelope from all post-secondary institutions (colleges and universities). Transcripts may be mailed to:

Saint Joseph's University
College of Professional and Liberal Studies
Barbelin/Lonergan Hall, Room 117
Attention: Director of Off Campus Programs
5600 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Unofficial copies of transcripts or computer-generated grade reports or degree audits may be submitted for a preliminary evaluation of transfer course work. These documents may be faxed to 610-660-1264, Attention: Director of Off Campus Programs.

Prior College Course Work: Up to 75 credits and 25 courses from an accredited college or university as long as the grade in each course to be transferred is at least "C" and fulfills a requirement of the program.

Classes are held on site in the fall, spring and summer semesters, and will meet in an 8 week format; 1 class meeting each week from 5:30-9:30 pm (includes one 15-minute break). Class will meet either Tuesday or Thursday.

Faculty: Courses will be taught by full time professors and adjunct instructors, many of whom are practitioners in organizational leadership.

Tuition: The tuition discount for IBC employees is 25% of the regular tuition per credit cost.  The application fee of $20 is waived. You should contact for specific information on IBC employee tuition reimbursement forms and deadlines.

Textbooks: May be ordered online through the SJU bookstore or other retailers.

To obtain further information, please contact:
Margaret M. Dugan

Director of PLS Off Campus Programs
Saint Joseph's University