Considerations before taking an online course

Requirements for accessing your online course

You will need a Log-in and password to “”

For help logging into contact the helpdesk at or phone the helpdesk at 610 660 2920.

Options for accessing your Blackboard course

Option 1:

1. Log into

2. Select the “My Courses” tab

3. Under “Courses I’m Attending” click on the course you want to access.

4. Clicking on the course link will open your course in Blackboard.

Option 2:

1. Log into

2. Select the “My Courses” tab

3. Click on “Access Blackboard's My Institution Page ”.

4. Clicking on this link will open a new browser window in Blackboard and will list all of the courses in which you are currently and have been enrolled.

Option 3:

1. You can access Blackboard directly from remote locations if you are unable to connect using the first two options due to firewall problems. You will only experience this problem if you are trying to connect from a school or a business with a firewall.

2. Open a browser window and go to “”

3. Log in using your standard university login and password.

Technology requirements,

Computer purchased in the past three years with Windows XP or MACOS X. Computer should have an audio card and speakers.

Internet service provider required, high-speed cable or DSL is recommended, 56k modem connection is acceptable, but discouraged.

Microsoft “Internet Explorer” is the preferred browser.

General requirement

You will need to have a familiarity with the suite of Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). You should be able to: open, close, and save documents. You should also be able to browse your hard drive for files.

Most written assignments will be submitted using Microsoft Word.

Ability to browse web pages and use various search engines (Ex: Google, Yahoo, etc)

To view videos you will most likely need to have the latest version of RealPlayer installed on your computer. To download RealPlayer go to and click on the Download button. Be sure to download the free player from the right side of the screen.

Blackboard Features that you may use during a course:

Navigation Buttons: Allows you to navigate within the Bb course.

Assignment tool: Used to send your assignment to your instructor.

Discussion Board: Online discussions

Collaboration tool: Virtual office hours and synchronous discussions.

Tools Button: Under the tools button you will be able to view grades, edit your Bb course home page, view class roster, and send email.

Quiz: Allows you to take a quiz online.