When to See An Advisor

Students are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor. You may request an in-person or phone advising session, whichever best fits your schedule. However, if you are a currently enrolled student who walks into the office without an appointment, you may be serviced if your inquiry or situation can be resolved in 10 minutes or less and provided the advisor's daily schedule permits. If your situation requires more time, you will be asked to schedule an appointment.

Advising by Appointment

Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to:

* Discuss course selection for next semester/term

* Inquire about transfer course credits and alternative credit options (CLEP and ELAP)

* Review major, minor and general education requirements

* Change major; add second major; add minor

* Discuss academic progress and standing if on probation

* Review progress towards degree completion

* Change of course (add/drop) or withdrawal of course(s)

* Clarify specific academic policies

* Receive authorization for course overload or prerequisite override

To schedule an appointment, call 1-877-NITE-SJU or email your request to plsadvising@sju.edu.

Need to Cancel?

Made an appointment and can't make it? Please give us (and other students) the courtesy of a phone call or email to our office so we can offer that time to other students. Thank you.

Emailing your PLS Academic Advisor

 Many inquiries or questions you have for your advisor may be handled via email especially those requiring only a brief response. You may also want to refer to the FAQs that may answer your question. It is very important that you get in the habit of using your SJU email, or at least checking it on a weekly basis. When emailing your academic advisor, consider the following:

  • Use your SJU email account
  • Use a clear subject line such as "Summer Class Question"
  • Include your full name and Student ID number
  • Make your narrative clear and concise and keep your question(s) short and to the point
  • Use formal grammar with punctuation
  • Proofread and spell check before hitting the send button

Professional Advising Staff

  • Margaret (Peggy) Dugan, Director of Off-Campus Programs advising for all students enrolled in off-campus programs.
  • Sena Owereko, Director of Admissions & Recruitment advising for Bridge Program and International students.
  • Arthur Martin, Director of Online and Continuing Education advising for all online programs and non-credit certificates.