Preparing to Register Online for Classes

For directions on how to register online, please click here.

Before registering, please note the following:

  • The course catalog serves as your major reference for rules, regulations, and policies required to successfully complete all degree requirements. This important reference includes a complete description of all programs and courses, academic information and policies, financial and tuition information, a listing of the faculty, and other descriptive information about the University and its requirements.
  • You are responsible for knowing all academic rules and regulations affecting your major, including degree requirements as set forth by the University. Failure to read or understand the requirements does not relieve you of this responsibility. Make sure you consult the course catalog, review your Student Cumulative Record Sheet, and speak with an academic advisor.
  • If you register for courses without consulting a PLS academic advisor or without your advisor’s approval, you must accept full and complete responsibility for any errors or courses taken that do not meet the requirements of your program. Also, you may be dropped from courses for which you do not have the proper prerequisites.
  • If you consult with an academic advisor and choose to not follow the recommended degree plan and/or your advisor’s recommendations, the University is not responsible for courses that were not taken in proper sequence or failure to complete graduation requirements in a timely manner.
  • Prior to registration, check your “Registration Status” by logging into your MySJU account. Review to see if there are any aspects of your current status that will prevent registration. Also confirm that your Degree and Major information are current. If you see a problem, contact academic advising by email at
  • Prior to registration, all holds (registration blocks) must be cleared. Information on how to clear a hold can be retrieved from the department that placed the hold on your account.
  • Once you have started the online registration process, after 30 minutes of inactivity, you will be logged out of the Banner system and required to start the process again.
  • You are also financially responsible for any courses you are registered for and assume financial liability for the selected courses if they are not canceled or if you do not withdraw prior to the start of the semester. Financial aid recipients must be enrolled in courses that meet their degree requirements. Any financial aid and payment questions should be cleared up before the semester begins.

Support Contacts

Web registration uses the Banner Self Service (SSB) application. If you have technical trouble accessing SSB with your browser, please contact the Student Help Desk at 610-660-3070 or Help Desk hours: Mondays-Thursdays (8 AM – 11 PM); Fridays (8 AM – 5 PM); Saturdays (12 PM – 5 PM); Sundays (12 PM – 11 PM)

For help with Web registration, send an email to