Academic Advising

The Professional and Liberal Studies (PLS) Program offers adult students a supportive environment in which to complete their education.  Advising is a collaborative process, and ultimately, you—the  student—are responsible for your educational experience.

How advising works in the PLS Program

For most students, advising is provided through a centralized office in the PLS Program.  Exceptions to this include those majoring in English and Education who also are assigned a faculty advisor within their academic department.  Through the advising process, we help students to:


  • Manage their transition to SJU;
  • Develop an academic plan for completing requirements for graduation;
  • Develop long range educational goals; and,
  • Identify opportunities and resources that will enrich their education.


Advising is available for current and returning students through in-person or phone one-on-one advising sessions. For more information regarding student advising please call 610-660-1267 or email To schedule an advising appointment, please use the link below: 


The Academic Advising site is designed to help our new and returning students find relevant information, useful and appropriate resources, and prepare for academic deadlines.

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