Music Industry

Welcome to the Music Industry

The music industry minor is an interdisciplinary program between music and marketing that prepares students for careers in all areas of the music industry. The curriculum includes courses in music theory and history, music marketing, and entertainment law. Students acquire hands-on experience through their work with the University's record label, 1851 Records.

This minor will be especially attractive to music students who want to acquire the business and legal knowledge necessary for success in the music industry and it will be equally attractive to business students who need a greater understanding and appreciation of music to pursue careers in the music industry.

music industry
music industry

Students interested in the Music Industry minor should contact:

Co-Director: Suzanne Sorkin, Associate Professor of Music, Ph.D
Phone: 610-660-1842

Co-Director:  David Allan, Professor of Marketing, Ph. D.
Phone: 610-660-1636