Haub School of Business

Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing Club

Mission Statement

To provide focused and driven students with a forum to discuss new topics,  meet influential professionals, and lay the foundation for an ever growing community of Saint Joseph's University sports marketers.

2011-2012 Officers

Paul Bosco '14, President

Colleen Geary '13, Vice President

Janelle Fritz '13, Treasurer

Monica DeBarberie '14, Website Director

To Be Considered for Membership: One must be present at no less than Four Club Meetings.  One must also be a Sports Marketing Major or have been following sports industry news.  Non members can still attend club meetings, but can not take part in any special events such as tours or community service.


(L to R): Monica DeBarberie, Collen Geary, Mr. Brain Jennings (EVP of Marketing, NHL), Paul Bosco, Janelle Fritz



(L to R): Mr. David Buck (SVP of Marketing & Advertising, Philadelphia Phillies), Dr. John Lord (Sports Marketing Chairman), The Phillie Phanatic, SJU's AMA Chapter