Areas of Study
GER or GEP?  The General Education Requirement (GER) is the outgoing curriculum being followed only by the current juniors and seniors, the classes of 2012 and 2013. The General Education Program (GEP)  is the new curriculum being followed by first-year students and sophomores, the classes of 2014, 2015, and those that follow.

Majors | Minors

Accounting Management

Major (GER), Major (GEP)  

Management (phasing out begin 2011-12) 
Major (GER) and Minor (GER)

International Business 
Major (GER), Major (GEP) ; Minor (GER), Minor (GEP) 

Family Business & Entrepreneurship (New 2011) 
Major (GER), Major (GEP); Minor (GER), Minor (GEP)

Leadership, Ethics & Organization Sustainability (New 2011) 
Major (GER), Major (GEP); Minor (GER), Minor (GEP)

Managing Human Capital (New 2011) 
Major (GER), Major (GEP) ; Minor (GER), Minor (GEP) 

Business Administration (New 2011)
Major (GER), Major (GEP)

Business Intelligence Marketing
Business Intelligence 
Major (GER), Major (GEP); Minor (GER), Minor (GEP)  
Major (GER), Major (GEP); Minor (GER), Minor (GEP) 
Sports Marketing 
Major (GER), Major (GEP)
Communication Studies (Joint minor HSB & CAS English) 
Minor (GER), Minor (GEP) 
Music Industry (Joint minor HSB & CAS Fine Arts) 
Minor (GER), Minor (GEP)
Finance Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing

Major (GER), Major (GEP-Class of 2014 only), Major (GEP-Class of 2015 and later); Minor (GER), Minor (GEP) 

Financial Planning
Major (GER), Major (GEP-Class of 2014 only), Major (GEP-Class of 2015 and later): Minor (GER), Minor (GEP) 

Risk Management & Insurance
Major (GER), Major (GEP-Class of 2014 only), Major (GEP-Class of 2015 and later); Minor (GER), Minor (GEP) 

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing 
Major (GER), Major (GEP)
Food Marketing Miscellaneous

Food Marketing – 4 Year
Major (GER), Major (GEP)

Food Marketing – 5 Year Co-op
Major (GER), Major (GEP) in 

Undecided Business 
Major (GER), Major (GEP) 

Business for Non-Business Majors 
Minor (GER), Minor (GEP)

AACB   U.S. News & World Report Business Week The Princeton Review
   Aspen Institute 100

Beta Gamma Sigma
The Haub School is AACSB-accredited in Business and Accounting – less than 5% of business schools worldwide meet this dual standard of excellence   U.S.News & World Report, Princeton Review, and Business Week have all ranked the Haub School as one of the nation’s top graduate business schools   The Haub School’s MSFS Program at Saint Joseph's University is the only regional Masters in Finance that is both AACSB accredited and CFP® Board Certified   Saint Joseph's University is one of only 142 schools nationwide with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter and AACSB business school accreditation, and has been recognized by Beta Gamma Sigma for five consecutive years with Outstanding Chapter Awards