Haub School of Business

Managing Human Capital

Why Managing Human Capital?

A recent report released by Ernst & Young entitled “Managing Today’s Global Workforce: Elevating Talent Management to Improve Business” indicated that companies that align their business strategy with their talent management programs had a 20% higher return on equity over a five year period than those that did not. Furthermore, companies with a fully integrated talent management program across the entire organization had a 38% higher return on equity over the same time period. Clearly, an emphasis on managing human capital can be very beneficial to organizations.

In addition to understanding the strategic importance of workers, students who join our program will leave with a strong understanding and appreciation for the human element within organizations. They will develop an enhanced awareness of the importance of diversity and respect for the individual. While a goal is to have students develop management skills towards others, whether as a regular line manager or as a human resource professional, students will also leave with a better sense of their own career aspirations and how to self-manage as they continue their lives.

Ultimately, the goal of the major and minor will be to develop thoughtful managers who understand the importance of people. Consistent with our Ignatian value of being Men and Women for Others, our aim is to develop Managers for and with Others.

Career Opportunities

There is a growing acknowledgement in the field of Human Capital and Talent Management that the need to consider the people side of business cannot be confined to a human resources department. All managers must understand the need to develop and value talent. As such, we view this major and minor as being valuable to any future manager/worker. At the same time, we recognize the need to service students with a desire to specialize in human resource management. This major will facilitate such career goals. From this perspective, we seek to develop a new breed of HR managers: Ones who are strategic partners and employee champions.