Haub School of Business

International Business Program


Studying International Business (IB) at Saint Joseph’s has given me a holistic approach to business, enabling me to gain cross-functional experience in other business disciplines, and rewarded me with great employment opportunities.  Due to overlapping curriculums between the language departments and the IB department, I was able to easily minor in Spanish alongside my major.  This parlayed into my studying abroad at Saint Louis University’s Madrid campus in Spain during my junior year.  While there, I gained a better understanding of foreign cultures and conducting business in a foreign country, while also getting to have some fun in Europe.
    My coursework and experience in the IB program qualified me for my internship last summer, 2013, in Mexico.  I worked for Johnson Matthey in Querétaro, a medium sized city in Central Mexico.  As the only non-Mexican in the office, I was immersed in the Spanish language and given the great opportunity of assisting in the sales department, while conducting a market research project for a separate division of the company considering entering the Mexican market.
    Through both personal networking and the Career Development Center here at SJU, I interviewed with multiple top-tier companies for full time jobs after graduation.  I accepted a in the TRAC leadership development program at Marsh, a subsidiary of Marsh and McLennan, in New York City.  I will be conducting risk analysis in the energy industry where I will work in both client facing and market facing positions for the first two years.  Given the specialize nature of my industry, I am excited about the potential for international travel to service various clients.
    I am confident my experience in the IB program was crucial to my landing the job I did.  All of the companies I interviewed with were interested in the cross-disciplinary nature of the IB program, and were attracted to my Spanish language skills.  It is a great program to be in, and I credit much of my success to the opportunities given to me by the program.

Robert Gilroy
International Business Major, 2014