Haub School of Business

International Business Program

Curriculum: Major and Minor

In addition to courses required within the Saint Joseph's University curriculum, students majoring in International Business are required to take the following 6 courses.

IBU210 Introduction to International Business 

International Marketing. Choose ONE between the following two courses:

1. MKT331 International Marketing 
2. FMK314 International Food Marketing

FIN 302 International Finance

International Exposure. Choose ONE from the following options:

1. IBU370 or an international study tour offered in HSB (other study tours require pre-approval),
2. An approved international course in one of the SJU Summer abroad programs
3.A pre-approved course with an international focus while studying abroad,
4. An international business internship. 

International Business Elective. Choose ONE of the following courses:
1. ACC430 International Accounting  
2. IBU363 International Business Law  
3. MHC321 International Human Resources  
4. LEO212 Organizational Sustainability 

IBU 495 Global Strategic Planning


International Business Minor

A minor requires students to complete a six course program of study in the following three levels:

Level 1: International Foundation and International Exposure

Take three courses in at least two of the following categories:

A.      Advanced Foreign Language

Take one advanced foreign language course beyond the General Education requirements in the target language. These include the conversation course (301), the composition course (302), the business course, the culture and civilization course, among other courses.

B.      Globalization Topics from a Liberals Arts Perspective

Choose from a pre-approved list of courses in Political Science, Economics, History, and other departments from the College of Arts and Sciences.

C.      International Exposure

See major above.

Level 2: International Dimensions of Business.

Take IBU 210 Intro to International Business and one of the following courses examining the international aspects of the functional areas of business: ACC 430 International Accounting, FIN 302 International Finance, FMK 314 International Food Marketing, IBU 363 International Business Law, MKT 331 International Marketing, LEO212 Organizational Sustainability.

Level 3: International Business Capstone

IBU 495 Global Strategic Planning