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Program Sequence


Foundation Courses

Unless completed as an undergraduate, students are required to take three Foundation Courses. These may be taken in the summer, spring, or fall semester. *You also have the option of waiving the Marketing Concepts and Managing Work Organization courses by successfully completing a challenge exam prior to the start of your second year of course work. There is a small fee for the challenge exam, and students who do not pass the challenge exams must complete the Marketing Concepts and Managing Work Organizations courses in order to graduate from the program.

  • ACC 500: Accounting Concepts (Foundation Requirement)*
  • MKT 501: Marketing Concepts (Foundation Requirement)*
  • MGT 500: Managing Work Organizations (Foundation Requirement)*

Core Courses
The M.S. in Managing Human Capital Program follows a core course sequence with the following eight courses:

  • MHC 560: Introduction to Strategic Human Capital & Talent Management
  • MGT 552: Stakeholder Theory and Social Responsibility
  • MHC 562: Employment and Labor Law
  • MHC 564: Finance and Accounting for Managers
  • MHC 561: Human Resource Research, Measurement, & Metrics
  • MHC 565: Leading Change in Organizations
  • MHC 563: Human Resource Technology
  • MHC 797: Strategic Human Capital: Strategy & Application

Elective Course (Choose 3 courses)

MGT 551: Empowering Human Potential at Work
MGT 650: Business Law for Management
MGT 661: International Management
MGT 770: Management Study Tour
MGT 793: Research in Management
MHC 662: Total Rewards
MGT 651: Career Management in Organizations
MGT 653: Leadership in the Modern Organization
MGT 660: Consulting for Management
MHC 652: Interpersonal & Influence Skills
MHC 654: Effective Teaming
MHC 663: Talent- Selection & Retention
MHC 771: Topics in Human Capital Management
MHC 655: Workforce Diversity
MGT 551: Empowering Human Potential at Work
MGT 605: Pensions & Benefits
MHC 667: Human Resource Fundamentals
MGT 656: Influence, Negotiation, & Conflict Skills

Elective credits can be taken from the above list of courses. Up to two related courses (6 credit hours) may be taken in other Saint Joseph's University graduate programs with the permission of the Department Chair and the Graduate Business Program Office.

Please refer to the current SJU Graduate Catalog for all application, program, course, and graduation requirements