Erivan K. Haub School of Business

MBA Student Profile

MBA students at Saint Joseph's University include managers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, military personnel, sales representatives, IT specialists, and many others. They work in fields as diverse as pharmaceuticals, bio-technology, supply and logistics, financial services, accounting, real estate, food services, and non-profits.

In their differences, however, Saint Joseph's MBA students comprise a broad base--one that draws from many backgrounds to lend a sense of balance to the classroom.

Below are several statistics that describe our student body:

  • Total Enrollment: 700 students (approx.)
  • Gender Distribution: 55% Male, 45% Female
  • Percentage of Non-US Students: 10%
  • Enrolled Part-Time: 90% (1 or 2 courses per semester)
  • Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 15-to-1
  • Average Age: 29
  • Classes Offered on Rotation: 117 (as of Fall 2006)
  • Undergraduate Majors: Business (55%), Humanities and Social Sciences (22%)
  • Students with 2+ years of professional experience: 85%
  • Average Duration to Completion: 3 years (50% of Students)
  • Percentage Earning Less than $65,000/year @ Start: 81%
  • Percentage Earning More than $65,000/year @ Completion: 40%
  • Average # of Promotions Received as a Student: 2
  • Joint Degrees: M.B.A/D.O. (Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine)