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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the MBA Program's FAQ page. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please call us at (610) 660-1690 or contact us by email at


I’m thinking of applying to the MBA program. Can you give me some information?

Here are some helpful links for your reference to help you gather information about the program:

MBA website:

Application process info:

Frequently asked questions: 

"Request Info" option:

Curriculum layout:


The MBA Program consists of nineteen (19) courses – eight (8) foundation and eleven (11) upper level courses. There is an opportunity to be waived out of seven (7) foundation courses based on previous academic coursework in business.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out. Our office hours are:

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Phone: 610-660-1690



How do I apply to graduate?

Here are the steps for applying to graduate:

-          Log in to The Nest

-          Click on the “School Services” tab

-          Click on the “Student” folder

-          Click on the “Student Records and Payments” subfolder

-          Click on “Apply to Graduate”


What is the difference between online and on-campus courses?

The online and on-campus curriculum is the same.


Online classes utilize a program through Blackboard called Collaborate. This platform allows professors to upload and present class material in much the same was as they would upload and present them in a physical classroom. Students are able to ask questions, participate in discussions and remain engaged; a student certainly does not have to give up the atmosphere of a physical classroom during an online session. Most online courses have a weekly required synchronous session in which you can attend class as if you were in the physically classroom. Online classes also create the opportunity to build your virtual collaboration skills.


To answer your question, there are very few differences between online and on-campus classes!


How do I know the amount of tuition I would get back if I drop one of my courses on (date)?

Please follow this link for tuition refund information:


For any further questions regarding tuition, please contact Hawk Central. Their office hours are Mon-Fri 9 AM – 5 PM

Phone: 610-660-2000



What are the requirements for international students to apply?

A completed international application includes:

-          Official Transcripts (Undergraduate and Graduate)

-          Two (2) letters of Recommendation

-          Resume

-          Application Fee: $35.00 (

-          Personal Statement

-          Official GMAT or GRE scores (test must be taken within the last 5 years)

-          Official TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores (test must be taken within the last 2 years)

-          Proof of ability to pay educational expenses from a bank and an affidavit of financial support

-          An official course-by-course evaluation by World Education Service (WES) of undergraduate and graduate education OR you may submit your official transcripts and SJU will complete an evaluation for you free of charge


*Please note: Members of the Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society are waived from the GMAT/GRE requirement for admission. Please visit the Beta Gamma Sigma website and request a membership verification letter sent to the Graduate Business Office on BGS letterhead at the following address:


What are the minimum language scores required by SJU?

Students are required to complete a language exam, and have a choice between TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE. The Haub School of Business requires that applicants earn a minimum grade of 80 on the TOEFL IBT, 6.5 overall on the IELTS, 60 on the PTE, or 550 on the written TOEFL exam. The computerized TOEFL has been discontinued and is no longer accepted. The language requirement may also be met by presenting proof of completion of ELS Level 112 along with a letter of recommendation from the ELS Center Academic Director.


What are the application deadlines?

International Students

Fall Semester deadline: May 15

Spring Semester deadline: November 15

Summer Semester deadline: February 15


Domestic Students

Fall Semester deadline: July 15

Spring Semester deadline: November 15

Summer Semester deadline: April 15

*Specify rolling admissions


On Campus courses in the Fall and Spring Semesters are 14 weeks. The Summer Semester has two sessions that are 6 weeks (classes during the Summer Semester meet twice weekly).

Online courses are 8 weeks in length and run throughout the year.

You may begin the MBA Program at any semester.


What are the required GMAT scores and GPA to get into your program?

The MBA Program does not have required GMAT score or GPA for acceptance. However, the average GMAT score is between 540-580 and average GPA is a 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.


New! There is also an opportunity for a GMAT or GRE score waiver. Please review additional information on our webpage, or contact the MBA office for details.


How do I apply for conditional admission as an international student?

Conditional admission can only be granted to students currently enrolled in ELS. As an ELS student, you must submit:

-          Official Transcripts (Undergraduate and Graduate)

-          Two (2) letters of Recommendation

-          Resume

-          Application Fee: $35.00

-          Personal Statement

-          Proof of ability to pay educational expenses from a bank and an affidavit of financial support

-          An official course-by-course evaluation by World Education Service (WES) of undergraduate and graduate education OR you may submit your official transcripts and SJU will complete an evaluation for you free of charge

-          Proof of enrollment in ELS


With these documents, we would be able to make a decision regarding conditional admission.


Can you change my concentration to _______?               

Please send the MBA Office an email directly to The email must include/specify:

-          Your name

-          Your ID number

-          That you would like to change your concentration

-          What you would like your concentration to be changed to


How do I do a dual degree with another graduate business program?

Currently, we require students to complete one degree before pursing another. In your last semester of your first program, apply to the second program. Once you have applied to the second program, please contact that program office so they may retrieve your admissions document from your initial program application to SJU. The office of the second program)will contact you upon their admissions decision and will advise you about classes and next steps.


How do I get foundation courses waived?

Foundation courses can be waived based on previous academic studies. We review the number of credits for the course, the grade you received, the institution where you completed the course, and when you completed the course.


In order to have an unofficial evaluation completed to see which courses you could be waived from, we would need a copy of your transcripts (unofficial or official). Please note that any evaluation done with an unofficial copy of the transcript is not considered an official evaluation.


International students must submit WES evaluation and official transcripts for evaluation to be performed.


Students cannot be waived from the following foundation course:

-          DSS 510 – A proficiency exam is built into the course. If you receive a grade of 80 or above on the proficiency exam at the beginning of the semester you are automatically waived from this course and your tuition is refunded.


Can I test out of any foundation courses?

To test out of a foundation course, you must complete a challenge exam administered by the MBA Program. We offer challenge exams for:

-          DSS 500

-          FIN 500

-          FIN 503

-          MGT 500

-          MKT 501


Challenge exams are not offered for

-          ACC 500

-          DSS 525

-          DSS 510 – A challenge exam is built into the course. If you receive a grade of 80 or above on the challenge exam at the beginning of the semester, you are automatically waived from this course and refunded tuition


I have questions about submitting my financial affidavit. Who should I contact?

Please contact the Center for International Services to receive more information about your affidavit requirement.


You can call or email:

Ms. Meryl Halpern

(+1) 610-660-3496




Ms. Aria Galletti

(+1) 610-660-3496


Do graduate students (online and on-campus) have access to on the SJU campus resources?

On-campus and online students absolutely have access to campus resources. Some of them include access to:

-          Campus gyms and pools (if you are a full time student)

-          The Writing Center

-          Career Center (lifetime access for all SJU students)

-          Library


You will also receive a student ID and will have access to a significantly discounted graduate parking pass. Out of state student IDs are mailed, but local students are typically asked to pick up their IDs at the Public Safety Office on campus. If that is a problem for you, feel free to call the Public Safety Office to see if they can mail your ID instead. Their number is: 610-660-1111


If you would like, you can schedule a campus tour to become more familiar with SJU and the resources available to you as a student. Tours are offered specifically for graduate students Thursdays at 4 pm (check to make sure information is still current). To schedule an appointment, email Just be sure to specify your preferred email address, program or program of interest, and preferred specific Thursday date.


Here is a link to the Adult Student Life Office:


Their website goes into further detail about all the resources available to you, so definitely take a look!


Can you waive the GMAT for me?

We are excited to offer a GMAT Waiver opportunity! Please review additional information on our webpage, or contact the MBA office for details.

What is the difference between the EMBA and MBA programs?

The EMBA program is a set cohort program geared towards executives with 5 or more years of work experience. This cohort program holds class on Friday and Saturdays exclusively. Additionally, this program is a higher cost program. The MBA program is flexible and does not have a work experience requirement. The program includes a diverse group of individuals at a variety of skill levels within a multitude of industries. Additionally, the MBA program is a lower cost per credit program.


Can I meet with an advisor over the phone?

Absolutely. Just contact our office to set up an appointment via phone or email  - 610-660-1690 or


How can I pay the application fee online?

The link to pay the online application fee is


When will courses for spring/summer/fall be made public?

All semester course schedules are developed on an individual basis. Typically, our office will release schedules approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the registration date to allow time for course planning. Please keep an eye on your email for more information about registration and when schedules will be posted. Current course schedules are always posted on the Current Course Schedules link in the Current Students section of our website at


I am having trouble with The Nest and/or Blackboard!

The Office of Information Technology handles all technical problems with blackboard and The Nest.


Here is a link to their website:


You will be asked to log in with your SJU username and password and then will have the option to report the problem you are experiencing.


If you would rather call or email the IT Office, here is the contact information you will need:

Phone: 610-660-2920



I have a financial hold on my account!

Hawk Central will be able to answer your questions about the hold on your account.


Here is the contact information you will need:

Phone: 610-660-2000


Their office hours are Mon-Fri 9 AM – 5 PM


When will my diploma arrive?

Hawk Central handles diploma distribution! Please feel free to contact the office to find out when your diploma will arrive.


Here is the contact information you will need:

Phone: 610-660-2000


Their office hours are Mon-Fri 9 AM – 5 PM


Do I have to take the courses in order (i.e. foundation-gateway-core-elective-capstone)?

You do not have to take all courses in order as shown on the curriculum planning sheet. However, you must meet all prerequisite requirements for a course before enrolling in the course. You can view pre-requisite requirements in the Academic Catalog found on the SJU website. Please be aware that you must have completed all foundation courses as well as 7 additional non-foundation level courses to enroll in the capstone.


What are the prerequisites for each course?

Pre-requisites for each course vary depending on the course material. You may view pre-requisite requirements in the Academic Catalog available on the SJU website.


What is the format of online courses like?

Online courses are offered in accelerated 8-week modules. Most courses require a weekly synchronous login time in which your class will meet for a lecture, discussion, or combination of both. In addition to weekly course meetings, you will be responsible for Blackboard discussion posts, individual assignments, tests, papers, and possible group assignments. Please be sure to check individual syllabi for specific course information.


Additionally, there is an HSB Online Resource Guide available through Blackboard that can give you more details about online course delivery once you are enrolled in the MBA program.


What is Professor _____ like?

Unfortunately our office does not comment on specific faculty members. All SJU professors are qualified individuals who are well-versed in the subject matter they teach and experts in their fields. Many faculty members are consistently published and are industry leaders within their areas of specialization.

I am failing my course and don’t know what to do!

You should first contact your professor to see if you are able to work with him/her for alternate coursework, extra credit, or ways to bring up your grade. If this is not an option, there are some situations in which you may be able to withdraw from a course; however, you will be subject to the Refund Schedule released by Hawk Central which details the amount of tuition, if any, you will receive at this point.


We strongly recommend working with your professor to try to successfully complete the course. Please note that any course in which you receive a grade below C must be repeated to earn your MBA degree. Additionally, students who achieve 3 or more grades of C or below will be academically dismissed from the MBA program.


What is a study abroad trip like in the MBA program? How do I sign up?

International study tours within the MBA program are worth three (3) credit hours and are planned by each specific department in conjunction with the Center for International Programs. Tours may occur over spring break or during the summer semester and may last anywhere from seven (7) to fourteen (14) days. Exact study tour length is dependent on the instructor, course, destination, and semester. As with any class, study tour groups will typically meet a few times before the trip and may even meet a few times after. Student participants can expect group work, presentations, and individual assignments (i.e. research paper, journaling). All students on a study tour are expected to pay for the cost of tuition in addition to travel fees.


For more information about study tours offered through the Center for International Programs:

Phone: 610-660-1835


Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM – 5 PM