Erivan K. Haub School of Business

    Note to Applicants:

    All applicants will be required to create an account to complete the application. This is true even if you are a current or former Saint Joseph's University student or employee since your mySJU username and password will not work.

    The online application allows you to submit your resume and personal statement electronically. Please have these documents prepared before starting the application. See below for directions regarding the content of the personal statement:

    "Incorporate your response to the following topics in a well organized essay (250-500 words).. What are your career objectives? What are your reasons for seeking admissions to the MBA Program? Provide any additional information which you think may be important in the evaluation of your application."

    You must also type in the names and contact information for at least two people who will write letters of recommendation for you. The people you specify will be sent an email with instructions on how to upload their recommendations for you directly to our system. They will also have the option of mailing in hard copies that are signed and on letterhead to the address listed below.

    When you are finished your application and wish to send it to the MBA Office, please be sure to click the "Submit" button. If this step is skipped, we will not receive your application.


    Please have official transcripts from any college or university you've attended as well as any hard copy recommendation letters mailed directly to:

    MBA Program

    Saint Joseph's University

    5600 City Avenue, Mandeville 280

    Philadelphia, PA 19131