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MS Curriculum

Courses within the Master of Science track are offered on specific industry topics which are essentially separate, and therefore not linked in a sequential manner. It is not necessary to attend courses in a structured sequence; student-executives many attend as often as their schedules permit. Pre-assignments are given 30 days prior to each course and post assignments are due 30 days after the conclusion of the course.

The Master of Science degree in Food Marketing requires the successful completion of 18 courses, 9 of which are selected from the following modules and distributed as follows. The remaining 8 courses are selected from any module or combination of modules.

Pre-Requisite (waiver may be given based upon undergraduate or graduate academic transcripts)

FIN 502 Economics Foundation

1 course required
Food Marketing Strategy 2 courses required
Food Marketing Research & Technology
2 courses required
Food Marketing Channels & Distribution
1 course required
Food Marketing Promotion 2 courses required
International & Ethnic Food Marketing 1 course required
Social & Ethical Issues
1 course required
Special Topics in Food Marketing

Select from any module (excluding the Pre-requisite course)
 8 courses required