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Requirements for Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in Food Marketing

Courses within the MBA track are designed to provide expertise across key functional areas as well as specific, food industry topics. Pre-assignments are given 30 days prior to each course and post assignments are due 30 days after the conclusion of the course.

The MBA degree in Food Marketing requires the successful completion within 6 years of 24 courses and 47 credits. Five courses are Foundation Courses which may be waived based on prior academic work and the remaining 19 courses are Core and Specialization.

The 24courses are broken down as follows:

Foundation Courses 6 courses required*
Upper Level Courses 18 courses required, composed of:
  Core Courses 6 courses required

Specialization Courses 11 courses required

         FMK Strategy and Policy 

                                                     3 courses required  

         FMK Research                                                      2 courses required
         FMK Advertising/Promotion                                                      1 course required
         FMK International                                                      1 course required
         FMK Food Retailing and Supply Chain                                                      2 courses required
         FMK Electives
                                                     2 courses required
  Capstone course 1 course required

*Up to 5 Foundation Courses may be waived based on previous academic work demonstrated via official academic transcripts.