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Saint Joseph's University's Haub School of Business is pleased to offer our alumni and current graduate students the opportunity to network and keep up to date on what's happening at the Haub School through the launch of a new web site, Alumni for Life.

We hope this resource will allow you to take advantage of several opportunities to stay connected. By enrolling on the Alumni for Life web site, you can register for upcoming executive lectures, attend career-oriented workshops, access professional development support materials, keep abreast of social and networking events and find other SJU Graduate Business alumni worldwide.

Please login using your User Name (email address) and Password. If you do not have an account, please register below to get started. This site is ONLY for use by SJU Graduate Business students and alumni.

To Enroll:
1.  Go to
2.  Click the "Create a New Account" link
3.  Enter the Pass code: hawk4u
4.  Fill in the form and peruse the site!


The reputation of the Executive Food Marketing programs at Saint Joseph’s University is only as strong as the graduates we produce. If we succeed in our goal of developing leaders to compete in the ever-changing global food industry, then we can be assured of turning out fine examples of success, hard work, and intellect.

We would enjoy remaining a part of your life even after you graduate. Some of the areas that we would like your participation in are:

  • Mentoring incoming/existing students
  • Share your knowledge of the Saint Joseph’s program, as well as your life experiences.
  • Being part of a professional network with fellow industry representatives
  • Keeping the SJU Executive Food Marketing group “in the loop” on industry events at your company or around the world
  • Career Development – yours and ours. Is there a job opening that you think would benefit from an SJU Executive Graduate? Do you want to reap the results of the weekends you spent networking within class by seeing what else is available to you?
  • Alumni Social Events
  • Come back to Visit! 
  • As an Alumnus, when you see a class that could benefit your current position (or just something that sparks your interest!), let us know! Your Alumni status affords you a total of two classes that can be audited. Keep checking the website for the latest schedules. All you pay is $150 plus the cost of course materials.
  • EVEN BETTER, if you bring a potential student, we will absorb the cost of meals for you and your guest! Contact Kathy Kennedy at (610) 660-3152 or via email at Do so early as participation depends on registration and the instructors’ permission.

Alumni Information Release Form
Please, fill out this form only with the information you wish to share with us, our current students and our graduates.