Haub School of Business

Department of Food Marketing

Why Food Marketing?


There are any number of reasons to be a food marketing major at Saint Joseph's University, but jobs, career development and industrial excitement are just the top of the list.  The food industry is varied and includes the marketing of products from basic foodstuffs to cosmetics, and virtually anything that can be found in a Wal-Mart, or other food store. It includes career areas from merchandising to advertising to technology.

If you are interested in taking your abilities and applying it to an area of study which will allow you to earn among the top starting salaries for Saint Joseph's graduates, an industry which employs more people than any other, an industry which allows you to pursue any business interest, and an industry where you wake up each morning anxious to go to work, then you should be a food marketing major.


Do you like working with people? Do you like being creative and able to see results immediately? Are you a person who craves a challenging career in a dynamic industry? Do you want to have choices about where you work, who you work for, and what type of work you choose? Do you want a major in which you learn practical knowledge and apply it in the classroom and in the industry? Would you like to meet and speak with CEOs and Presidents of major corporations? Would you like to be part of an immense and ever-growing network of Saint Joseph's graduates, graduates who will help you get ahead and live by the motto "The Hawk Will Never Die."? If this is what you want, you are a food marketing major.


The food industry is huge and your degree and training will provide you with an opportunity to pursue any of the career opportunities within this dynamic industry: sales, promotion, personnel, advertising, marketing, retail management, logistics, analysis, market research, product development, brand management,  strategic management and more. All while earning top dollars and all while doing a job that you love. Equally important a career in the food industry has been shown to be very desirable to many other industries that don't have the clear focus on the importance of the consumer, making career shifts to almost any other industry easy and practical.

The food industry is dominated by globally focused companies both in the producer side such as Pepsi, Kellogg, Unilever, and Nestle as well as retailers such as Wal-Mart, Tesco, Del Haze (owner of Food Lion).  Food marketing majors who desire an international career have a much greater chance of achieving this objective than any other field of study.

The food marketing major also has a career advantage in that it offers the only single major recruiting center.  The Academy of Food Marketing offers a career placement center that brings in food companies to exclusively interview food marketing majors. 


The food marketing major provides you with two related options: a five year coop option or a four year option. In each of these options you study the global food industry, food marketing research, food marketing promotion, the food consumer, and food marketing strategy. In addition you can choose to do an international tour studying food marketing in Europe, Asia, or other exotic places. You can choose to study how the food industry helps to solve the problems of hunger and be involved in helping others while doing this. You can choose to study the retail food industry or food service. You can choose to study data analysis using some of the most intricate tools and data bases. The possibilities are limitless.

In the five year cooperative option, in addition to studying all of these areas, you will apply them during three six-month coop terms. You will work with top food companies like Kraft, Campbell's, Nestle, and Giant, earning top dollar. You may even be able to work with a company in Ireland, Italy, or Australia. Upon completion of the five year program you will go to work for one of these companies making a top salary and starting in a position of responsibility and authority.

In the four year program you also will study all of the areas mentioned above but will not have the coop opportunities. Instead you will be encouraged and helped to find meaningful internships for your summers. Again paying outstanding wages and gaining you valuable practical experience. Many of these will also provide you with part-time work during the school year.

Top students in the major have the opportunity for free travel to attend industry conferences and meet industry executives. These conference include the Food Marketing Institute in Chicago, National Grocers Association in Las Vegas, Private Label Manufacturers Association in Chicago, the Produce Marketing Association meeting in different cities every year, and many others. 

Either option will prepare you for an exciting career and with either option you will be able to use food marketing's own placement service with interviews right in the building in which you study and a placement rate of virtually 100%.


The food marketing faculty is devoted to our students.   Unlike many majors the  food marketing faculty has extensive business  experience in the food industry. All food marketing faculty remain active with food marketing companies and trade organizations. All food marketing faculty advise food marketing majors. All food marketing faculty have extensive teaching and training experience, not only of college students but also of industry executives. All food marketing faculty are involved with and interested in your success from the time you join us as a freshman through the rest of your career.

Why food marketing? Because we are the best program in the country and keep our focus on you and your success as a businessperson and as a person. That's why.