Haub School of Business

Business Administration


In recognition that students may want to study in any of the departments in the Haub School of Business (HSB), students majoring in Business administration can choose courses from any HSB department.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of this degree, students majoring in Business Administration can NOT double major or minor within the Haub School of Business.

A double major or minor in the College of Arts and Sciences would be permitted, with the appropriate permissions from the College of Arts and Sciences.

In addition to courses required within the Saint Joseph University curriculum, you select six (6) courses as follows.

Major Courses (6 courses)
(For prerequisites, see course descriptions of the upper division courses)

Two (2) upper division courses from three different areas, choosing among: Accounting, Decision and System Sciences, Finance, Food Marketing, Management, Marketing and Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing. These courses must be in addition to any course that is part of the Business core.

Business Administration Integrative Course (ILC) Options
Class of 2014 and following

The Haub School has previously identified ECN 101: Micro Economics as a required course for all business majors. Additionally, the new General Education Program (GEP) allows for three courses in the variable core that are suited to the unique needs of each discipline. The first integrative course which is required of all BSA majors is ECN 102: Macro Economics

The two remaining ILC courses can be selected from any of the following College of Arts and Science courses.

ECN 322 International Macroeconomics
ECN 370 Economic Development
ECN 470 (THE373) Ethical Values in the Marketplace
ECN 380 Managerial Economics
ECN 360 Industrial Organization

ENG 206 Rhetoric in Modern Practice
ENG 263 Writing for Organizations

Interdisciplinary Courses
IHS 346: Administration of Health Care and Public Health

Political Science
POL 111 Introduction to American Government and Politics
POL 113 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POL 302 Modern Political Thought
POL 303 American Political Thought
POL 315 Government and Business
POL 352 Political Economy of Booms and Busts
POL 357 Ethics and Globalization

PSY 100 Introductory Psychology
PSY 200 Personality
PSY123 Psychology of Men and Women
PSY 212 Multicultural Psychology
PSY 230 Social Psychology
PSY 235 Psychology of Gender

SOC 101 Introductory Sociology
SOC 102 Social Problems
SOC 363 Philadelphia: In Black and White
SOC 208 Sociology of Gender
SOC 211 Classical Sociological Theory
SOC312 Social Research Methods (with lab, 4 cr.)
SOC 335 Classes and Power in the United States
SOC 262 White Collar Crime