Haub School of Business



Accounting Curriculum


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GEP Signature Courses: 6 Courses


First Year Seminar Selection 

Faith and Reason Selection 

Texts and Contexts-ENG 102

Forging the Modern World-HIS 154

Moral Foundations-PHL 154

Faith, Justice and the Catholic Tradition-THE 154

Variable Courses: 8-9 Courses


Fine Arts and Literature Selection

Microeconomics-ECN 101

Craft of Language-ENG 101

Non-Native Language (1-2 semesters depending on level)

Laboratory Science Selection 

Math Beauty Selection

Philosophical Anthropology Selection

Religious Difference Selection 


Integrated Learning Courses: 3 Courses


ILC #1-Macroeconomics-ECN 102

ILC #2-Writing for Organizations-ENG 263

ILC #3-Business, Society and Ethics-PHL 320


Business Core Required Courses: 10 Courses
(including ACC 101EC)


Excel Competency-ACC 101EC 

Financial Accounting-ACC 101

Managerial Accounting-ACC 102

Introduction to Info Systems-DSS 200

Business Statistics-DSS 210

Business Analytics-DSS 220

Introduction to Finance-FIN 200

Legal Environment of Business I-MGT 360

Essentials of Organ Behavior-MGT 110 OR Essentials of Management MGT 120

Principles of Marketing-MKT 201

Business Policy-BUS 495

Three Courses among your 40 must satisfy the following overlay areas:


Diversity, Globalization, or Non Western Studies Course

Ethics Intensive Course (Satisfied in Integrated Learning Course-PHL 320)

Writing Intensive Course (Satisfied in Integrated Learning Course-ENG 263)


Courses in the Accounting Major: 6 Courses


Financial Accounting Information Systems I-ACC 205

Financial Accounting Information Systems II-ACC 206

Financial Accounting Information Systems III-ACC 307

Management Accounting Information Systems-ACC 212

Federal Income Taxation-ACC 315

Auditing and Assurance Services-ACC 317 


Students will have 6 FREE Electives. They can either take all electives, minor, double-major, or take extra Accounting courses.

Accounting Electives:


Accounting and Consulting in the Global Community-ACC 312

Contemporary Topics in Financial Accounting-ACC 407

Financial Statement Analysis-ACC 410

Special Topics in Federal Taxation-ACC 415

Advanced Auditing-ACC 417

Contemporary Topics in Auditing and Assurance Services-ACC 418

Fund Accounting-ACC 420

Forensic Accounting-ACC 422

International Accounting-ACC 430

Independent Study in Accounting-ACC 470

Accounting Internship-ACC 490

Summer Internship-ACC 491

Research in Accounting-ACC 493