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The following link will take you to an excellent web site for teaching resources provided by Le Moyne College.

A number of your senior colleagues have not only weathered the tenure process, but also are quite accomplished in the classroom. They anticipate and welcome your inquiries in regard to nuts and bolts issues, such as:

  1. Legitimate expectations from students in regard to reading, writing, and examination assignments (including grading concerns);
  2. Syllabus issues;
  3. Classroom evaluation (schedules permitting, they will sit in on one or more of your classes at your request and give informal but pointed feedback on the classroom dynamics; and you in turn may wish to sit in on one or more of their class sessions);
  4. The balance between teaching, research and institutional service; and other matters of institutional politics and professional growth.

Contact me and I will put you in touch with a senior faculty resource colleague. The faculty resource persons will keep complete confidentiality in regard to their discussions with you.

Tape and Critique Your Teaching

You may wish to have a class taped for evaluation purposes and review it with one or more of the faculty resource persons. Contact Instructional Technology and Distributed Learning at x1770.

Contact information:

Paul F. Aspan, Ph. D.,
Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Saint Joseph’s University;
610-660-1525 fax