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Basic Inventory Questions

An earlier version of the following inventory was used in a luncheon meeting with first year faculty during the Spring 2005 Semester. As that group responded favorably to that exercise, the original questions have been revised and expanded below so that this "inventory" might constitute a resource for pedagogical praxis across disciplines, ranks and level of experience.

Some Basic Inventory Questions for SJU Professors

A. How would you describe the different types of students have you encountered at SJU? Which types of "intelligences" (Howard Gardner) seem more or less typical in our student body, respectively? Whether or not you are familiar with Gardner's work, how would you describe the most common strengths, and weaknesses, respectively, that you find in the students?

B. How have you begun to adapt your teaching to address the strengths and weaknesses that you have identified in "A" above?

C. In terms of teaching, what are your goals? Which of your goals have been achieved thus far? Which are yet unfulfilled, and how do you plan to achieve those goals?

D. What do you need from the institution in terms of teaching support that you have not gotten yet? How can SJU better support first year faculty next year? How can SJU better support second year faculty; those preparing for third year pre-tenure review; those preparing for tenure and/or promotion; and senior faculty, respectively?

E. Any specific recommendations in terms of links, resources, etc., for the TISJU website?