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The Teaching Institute at St. Joseph's University

The Teaching Institute primarily serves as an organization for the promotion and the support of our teaching at SJU. The Teaching Institute sponsors and supports a variety of programs that contribute to the instructional mission of the University.  In addition, it provides resources through this page as well, through the following links:

The Faculty Mentoring page offers guidelines that the theology department has considered for mentoring new faculty. Resources for Teachers include different services offered by the Teaching Institute. All first year faculty are invited to consult a set of resources designed especially for them, First Year Faculty.  Basic Inventory Questions help faculty review pedagogical presuppositions, goals and methods. The Academic Rigor link contains contributions to the ongoing conversation on Academic Rigor and Development at our university. It contains the following items: a link the Power Point slide developed by the SJU Education Department for the workshop, “Taking Our Class from Thinking to Learning: Using Rigor and Engagement.” Kathleen Bogle of Sociology, who participated in the workshop, has contributed another resource for faculty, “Questions on Rigor and Engagement.” Finally, in the Spring of 2005, a panel of SJU students also contributed to this discussion. Links to their respective texts will be found on this page as well. Working with Portfolios contains a variety of approaches for student evaluation. Select Bibliography – Books provides an eclectic list of well-regarded reflections on teaching from highly accomplished professors. External links – Journals, provides links to journals that are dedicated to the arts and sciences of teaching in higher education

As part of its mission to enhance academic integrity, Saint Joseph's has embarked on an institution wide endeavor to raise awareness of the importance of this issue. Drexel library has posted a page of Information Standards in Higher Education. To leave the Teaching Institute web pages and view this site, click here.

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