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The First Year Faculty Experience at SJU

At the bottom of this page, we have links to a series of texts all of which concern the first year faculty experience at Saint Joseph’s. The first piece listed, by Paul Aspan, is a memoir of moving here eighteen years ago, and thus different in perspective from the rest. The other seven authors generously offered to write reflections on their professional experiences from last year – academic 2004-05. Our authors cover a fairly wide array of experience: Sally Black, Health Services; Raymond Horn, Education; Patrick Devine, Information Systems; F. Betul Atalay, Computer Science; George Sillup, Management; and Jim Caccamo and Jerry Beyer from Theology.

After you have finished reading your colleagues’ reflections, you might be interested to read the thoughts of some students on life in the classroom. Click on the link, “Academic Rigor” in the left margin of this page, and you will find four presentations given by SJU sophomores and juniors last year as a formal program for faculty.

Finally, this page will be updated and expanded each year. Whether you are currently in your first year, or further along, please consider contributing a reflection so that new faculty next academic can have the benefit of your experience and wisdom. For further information, contact Paul Aspan at

Paul Aspan, "Moving to Philly"
James Caccamo, "Collaboration as a Central Teaching Resource"
Sally Black, "Inventing Yourself As a Teacher"
Raymond A. Horn, "Resources for First Year Faculty"
George Sillup, "Practical Advice for the First Year"
Patrick Devine, "I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now"
Gerald Beyer, "Baptism by Fire"
F. Betul Atalay, "Reflections"