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The SJU Conversation on Academic Rigor and Engagement

The topic of academic rigor in classes and academic engagement of students has been highlighted over the past few years at SJU as a topic of special concern. On Thursday, February 24, 2005, TISJU presented a forum where a panel of five students addressed this topic. On Thursday, January 12, 2006, four members of the SJU Education department gave a morning long workshop on the topic for all interested faculty members.

Below find links to the presentations from the students, Ms. Coyne, Mr. Haley, Ms. Ruane and Ms Somasekharan. The slides from the power point presentation that accompanied the workshop led by Professors Applegate, Furin, Rodriguez and Sabbatino are also available below, as is a contribution from Professor Bogle of Sociology.

Bridget Ruane,"Channing's Perfect Fit."
Shannon Coyne,"The First Gender Studies Major."
Varsha Somasekharan,"Truly Demanding and Engaging Classes."
Grant Haley,"Back to Real Teaching."
Faculty Presentation, "From Learning to Thinking"
Professor Bogle: "Questions on Rigor and Engagement"