Richard Johnson Center for Anti-Violence


The Stop Snitching Project

Maria Kefalas, Patrick Carr, and Susan Clampet Lundquist. 2011. "To Snitch or Not to Snitch: The Crisis of Trust in the City of Brotherly Love." Contexts, forthcoming (Volume 10, Summer 2011).

Susan Clampet Lundquist, Patrick Carr and Maria Kefalas. "The Sliding Scale of Snitching: A Qualitative Examination of Stop Snitching in Three High Crime Philadelphia Communities." (in progress)


The Generation R Project

Commissioned paper for the MacArthur Foundation's Research Network on the Transition to Adulthood. Maria Kefalas and Patricia Tevington. "Generation R(eccession): How the Great Recession will Transform the Life Course for the Millenials." (in progress)

Book project: Generation R(ecession)
Patrick Carr, Barbara Ray and Maria Kefalas


The Philadelphia Youth Study

Carr, Patrick J., Laura Napolitano, and Jessica Keating. 2007. "We Never Call the Cops and
Here is Why: A Qualitative Examination of Legal Cynicism in Three Philadelphia Neighborhoods."
Criminology. 45(2): 445-480.

Carr, Patrick J. and Laura J. Napolitano. "What Moms Supply: What Distinguishes
Delinquent and Non-delinquent Girls in Three High Crime Philadelphia Neighborhoods." (under review)

Carr, Patrick J. and Laura J. Napolitano. "‘I want to be making it and going to school': Risk,
Resilience and the Educational Experiences of Homeless Youth." (under review)



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Clampet-Lundquist, Susan. 2010. "'Everyone Had Your Back': Social Ties, Perceived Safety, and Public Housing Relocation." City and Community. 9(1): 78-108. 


The Heartland Study

Patrick Carr and Maria Kefalas. 2009. Hollowing Out the Middle: The Rural Brain Drain and What it Means for America. Boston: Beacon Press.

Patrick Carr and Maria Kefalas. 2009. "The Rural Brain Drain." The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 21, Chronicle Review. (Cover Story)  

Mary Waters, Patrick Carr, Jennifer Holdaway, and Maria Kefalas (Eds).  Coming of Age in America.  Berkeley: University of California Press. (forthcoming)