Richard Johnson Center for Anti-Violence

Mission and Vision


The Richard Johnson Center (RJC) for Anti-Violence utilizes evidence-based research to develop education and civic engagement anti-violence programs for youth and communities in the Philadelphia region.  Using s ocial media, youth engagement and leadership, professional trainings, and public forums, the RJC uses these programs to show the people of Philadelphia, and beyond, they possess the power “to be the solution” to violence that destroys hope, communities, and lives.  


The Richard Johnson Center for Anti-Violence at Saint Joseph’s University is committed to translating cutting edge, evidence-based research into real world solutions for fighting the crisis of youth violence.

The RJC serves as a clearing house for information on the best practices for violence reduction and prevention, employs an interdisciplinary approach (with insights from sociology, criminology, psychology, epidemiology, education and public health) to educate and empower community leaders, teachers, parents, and youth how to build safer schools, communities, and healthier relationships.



Please see our Current Projects for information on our latest undertakings!