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Mar 8 The Hawk: "Crimes against local Jewish communities: St. Joe's Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations issues statement of solidarity [>> more]
Mar 3 Philadelphia Inquirer: "Celebrating 50 years of Jewish-Catholic dialogue at St. Joseph's University" [ >> more]
Feb. 6 "A Genuine Gift of God": Event Celebrates 50th Anniversary of SJU's Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations [ >> more]
July 17

L'Osservatore Romano: "The American Experiment: The ICCJ Conference in Philadelphia"

[>> more]
July 6

Jewish Exponent: "ICCJ Conference at Saint Joseph’s University Promotes Worldwide Brotherhood"

[>> more]
June 16 International Council of Christians and Jews Conference to be Held at SJU [>> more]
Sept 28 Forward: "Pontiff Makes Surprise Stop to Bless Sculpture Symbolizing Catholic Unity with Jews" [>> more]
July 28 "Pope Francis' 'brother,' the rabbi, heading to Philly" [>> more]
July 28 Saint Joseph's Delegation Meets with Pope Francis [>> more]
June 17 Philadelphia Jews and Catholics to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Nostra Aetate at SJU [>> more]
Apr 24 SJU Announces Details of Sculpture to Mark 50 Years of New Catholic-Jewish Relationship [>> more]
Feb 28 Haaretz: "Philly Jews invite Pope Francis to 'Nostra aetate' commemorations" [>> more]
Jan 29 KathPress Interview: "Christians and Jews: The Bergoglio-Skorka Dialogues as a Model" [>> more]
Jan 27 IJCR Director Addresses Vienna Shoah Memorial [>> more]
Jan 12 AJCU Connections: "Celebrating a 50 Year 'Journey of Friendship' between Catholics and Jews in Philadelphia" [>> more]
Dec 31 New Jersey Jewish News: "Caldwell Clergy to Host Interfaith Dialogue" [>> more]
Nov 25 Jewish Exponent: "Giving Thanks for a New Jewish-Catholic Relationship in Our Time" [>> more]
Sep 18 University Monument to Honor 50 Years of Catholic-Jewish Relations and the Institute [>> more]
Aug 26 Institute Director Elected President of the International Council of Christians and Jews [>> more]
May 21 Jewish Exponent: "What to Expect from Pope Francis' Trip to Israel" [>> more]
Dec 18 Jewish Exponent: "Time for Serious Conversations Between Christians and Jews" [>> more]
Dec 11 KYW-TV3: Pope Francis Named Time Magazine's Person of the Year [>> more]
July 17 Jewish Exponent: Communal Leaders React to Archbishop's Remarks [>> more]
Mar 20 Jewish Exponent: "Pope Francis and the Future of Catholic-Jewish Relations" [>> more]
Mar 20 Jewish Exponent: Editorial: "A Man for All Seasons" [>> more]
Mar 18 Jewish News Service: "New pope, first from Latin America, coincides with growing focus on Latino Catholic-Jewish Relations" [>> more]
Mar 14 Jewish Exponent: "Local Speculation on the New Pope and the Jews" [>> more]
Mar 6 SJU Appoints Assistant Director of the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations [>> more]
Jan 28 Religion News Service: "The Vatican's Strong Defense of Jews" (with Rabbi Eric Greenberg) [>> more]
Mar 2 Religion News Service: "The Problem with Daniel Pearl's Mormon Baptism" [>> more]
Feb 2 Jewish Exponent: "Statement Concerning the BDS Conference Held at the University of Pennsylvania by Members of the Interfaith Community" [>> more]
Aug 31 Huffington Post: "Catholic-Jewish Relations: How Far We've Come, How Far We've Yet to Go" (with Rabbi Eric Greenberg) [>> more]
May 1 Institute launches slide show to mark the beatifcation of Pope John Paul II [>> more]
Mar 30 Jewish Exponent: "Catholic Universities Offer Decidedly Jewish Menu" [>> more]
Jan 30 Institute Board approves "Principles for Institute Programming on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" [>> more]
Jan 11 SJU bestows honorary doctorate on Walter Cardinal Kasper for his years of service as president of the Vatican Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews [>> more]
Oct 27 Institute hosts meeting of the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations [>> more]
Sept 16 Jewish Exponent: "John Paul II, Lower Manhattan, and the Power of Religious Symbolism" [>> more]
April 15 Jewish Exponent: "Yom Hashoah Holds Meaning for Christian Community, Too" [>> more]
April 5 Panel Discussion, Prayer Service Marks Holocaust Remembrance [>> more]
Feb 4 Jewish Exponent: "Pope's Visit to Rome Synagogue: It's Part of a Continuing Journey" [>> more]
May 21 Jewish Exponent: "Understanding - and Misunderstanding - the Papal Visit to the Jewish State"(with Rabbi Ruth Langer) [>> more]
Mar 5 Judaism, Christianity and the Crucifixion Lecture at SJU [>> more]
Feb 5 Jewish Exponent: "Panel Considers Vatican Excommunication Move"
Feb 5 Catholic Standard & Times: "Catholic-Jewish Dialogue Hosted at St. Joseph's U."
Jan 6 Contemporary Questions about Covenant and Conversion [>> more]
Nov 26 Jewish-Catholic Relations in Germany in 2008 [>> more]
Sept 10 Jewish-Catholic Institute hosts interfaith exchange: "Religion, Politics, and Moral Decision Making" [>> more]
June 25 Saint Joseph's Appoints New Director of Jewish-Catholic Institute  [>> more]
Mar 31 Institute Board Member to Receive Honorary Doctorate from SJU [>> more]
Mar 9 SJU Dean Honored for Bridging Catholic-Jewish Relations [>> more]
summer Traveling exhibit depicts Pope John Paul II's ties to the Jewish people [>> more]
Apr 20 Institute Celebrates 40th Anniversary [>> more]