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Violence and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland: Violence, Non-Violence & Reconciliation (Spring 2011)

This course, taught by Dr. Ann Green, examines violence and reconciliation in Northern Ireland through the mediums of literature and writing, while paying special attention to both the socio-historical roots of “The Troubles” and the moral context of discourses of retribution and forgiveness. The literature analyzed in this course will give voice to those who have experienced the troubles in non-fictional and fictional accounts.


                          Immersion Dates: May 22-June 5, 2011

                                         Information sessions:

                                     Monday,  Sept 27th at 3pm

                                         Wed., Sept. 29th 4pm 

                                   Thursday, Sept. 30th at Noon

                                 3rd Floor  in Wolfington Center





For more information contact: Jill Amitrani Welsh, The Faith-Justice Institute, 3rd Floor Wolfington Center or


This immersion is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

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