Faith-Justice Institute

Freshmen Service-Learning Courses and Service Placement Catalogue

Please review the following documents to decide at which service sites appropriate to your service learning course you might like to serve this coming semester.

For questions about the Service-Learning Program: Contact Ann Marie Jursca Keffer at

CHEM 120-SLR General Chemistry- Dr Jean Smolen

EDU 150 - SLR Schools and Society - Dr Virginia Johnson

ENG 101-SL1 Craft of Language- Dr Ann Green

ENG 101-SL2 Craft of Language- Dr Paul Patterson

ENG 101-SL3 Craft of Language- Tenaya Darlington

PHL 150-SL1 The Virtue of Being Nobody- Dr Virginia Hoffman

PHL 150-SL2 Just Food- Dr Julie McDonald

SOC 150-FYS Social Problems- Dr Raquel Bergen