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The Center for Catholic and Urban Education

The Center for Catholic and Urban Education

The Center for Catholic and Urban Education (CCUE) is a division of the Educational Leadership Institute of Saint Joseph’s University dedicated to the ongoing existence and sustainability of Catholic schools in urban areas. The CCUE promotes Catholic education as an essential option for families committed to a values-based, quality education for their children. The CCUE provides counsel to the urban Catholic schools in the Delaware Valley and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, but the reach of its work makes a broader impact, spanning the national and international network of Catholic schools. 

The value of Catholic education is well-documented but often the resources of Catholic schools are strained because they operate on private funding. One area affected is the ability to attract the most credentialed teachers and administrators. A priority of the Center is to provide a high quality, affordable and accessible state certification program for Catholic school administrators, and educators who aspire to be administrators, to increase the number of Catholic school administrators who are state-certified. Research indicates the achievement rate of Catholic students would be even greater if every Catholic school teacher and administrator were state-certified. 

In addition, the CCUE advocates Catholic urban education by sponsoring scholarly research and highlighting prominent work in the field by hosting special events including speaking engagements. 


The Center for Catholic and Urban Education 


Catholic Schools Week 2014


 Thursday Evening, January 23, 2014

Reception 5:30 PM

Awards and Lecture 6:30 PM

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