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What is a Study Tour?

A Study Tour is a course combined with a short-term period of group travel designed to introduce you to other countries & cultures by bringing to life what you are learning in the classroom. SJU offers Study Tours in multiple disciplines and to several destinations each year in order to allow a variety of students to participate. Study Tours should not replace Study Abroad. However, some students may not have the time or course flexibility to spend a semester abroad. In this case, a Study Tour offers an introductory international experience.

Good reasons to participate in a Study Tour:

  1. For a learning experience intended to bring to life what is learned in the classroom
  2. To gain an introductory international experience, if your schedule prohibits you from spending a longer period of time abroad or if you plan to visit this destination later, for a full semester abroad

Not so good reasons to participate in a Study Tour:

  1. For a vacation (A Study Tour is a learning experience, not a vacation)
  2. To do your own thing in another country (There are many classes and scheduled group events during a Tour – and little free time)

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Argentina group 2013

Students at Iguazu Falls in Argentina during the Argentina/Uruguay Study Tour 2013