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 “Is Bigger Always Better?: An Investigation of the Impact of Screen Size on Consumers’ Responses to Brand Integration” 


Research Brief

 For the past two decades, scholars have investigated consumers’ responses to brand

integration in television, film, video games, events and music. These investigations

have focused on consumers’ acceptance of the practice as well as the resulting

memory and purchase behaviors. However, we are not aware of any investigations

that consider the impact of screen size.

 As consumers begin to watch television shows, music videos and films on their mobile

devices such as tablets and smartphones, it is important to consider the impact that

screen size may have on consumer response to brand placement activities. Our

investigation will focus on comparing consumers’ memory for brand placements in a

television show watched on a smartphone, a tablet, a computer screen and a movie



Potential Benefits to Sponsor 

  •  Learn more about the effectiveness of product placement in television
  •  Understand how viewing devices may impact product placement effectiveness (e.g., recognition, recall, attitude toward the brand)
  •  Identify best method/form of product placement for various viewing devices

Resources Sought

  • Fee for TV episode under study.
  •  Respondents.

Project Status

Research design underway.


Researcher Biographies 


  Janée N. Burkhalter, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Saint Joseph’s

University, USA. Her current research interests include stealth marketing practices

and consumer subcultures. Her work has appeared in journals such as Journal of

Marketing Communications, Journal of Financial Services Marketing and Journal of

Business and Economics Research. Dr. Burkhalter holds both a B.S. an M.B.A. from

Florida A&M University as well as a Ph.D. in Marketing from Georgia State University.


Natalie T. Wood, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Marketing at Saint Joseph’s

University, USA and Edith Cowan University, Australia. Prof. Wood’s research interests

include social media and consumer behavior. She has published in journals such as

The Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Education Review, The International

Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising and The Journal of Website Promotion.

She is the co-editor of Virtual Social Identity and Consumer Behavior published by

M.E. Sharpe and is the author of Marketing in Virtual Worlds published by Prentice

Hall. She is also an Advisory Editor for the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research.