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Dr. David Allan

Dr. Allan 

Dr. David Allan is the Chair and Associate Professor of Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University as well as a Research Fellow at the Center for Consumer Research.  He started full-time as a faculty member at Saint Joseph’s University in 2002.  He specializes in media issues, with a particular focus on the music industry.

Some of his past projects include research on how advertisers integrate music into their ads, the impact of disclaimers on the effectiveness and credibility of commercial messages, and the impact of radio advertising.  His recent research includes articles entitled: “They’re Playing My Brand: Product Placement in Popular Music” in the International Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications, “Radio Advertising: Blip Commercials” in the Journal of Business Research, and “On the Dangers of Pulling a Fast One: Advertisement Disclaimer Speed, Brand Trust, and Purchase Intention” in the Journal of Consumer Research.  

Dr. Allan is not only passionate about his work and teaching his students; he also strives to be active within the Saint Joseph’s University community.  One way he does this is to serve as an advisor for the SJU chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA).  Students work with planning, fundraising, community service, and analyzing the latest and effective marketing strategies. It is the largest professional organization on campus to which students can belong, and in 2010 the national AMA designated it as a Gold Chapter.  He also serves as an advisor for 1851 Records, an SJU music label made and ran by students and faculty.  1851 Records is dedicated to preserving the integrity of music and it is its mission to foster musical creativity amongst SJU students.  Dr. Allan also shares his love of radio with SJU by overseeing Radio1851, SJU’s very own radio station.

This year’s Marketing Week, which was sponsored by the SJU AMA chapter, took place the first week of October.  The series of events on campus discussed personal branding and marketing, offered advice from industry leaders, and a social media expert from Hershey’s even gave a presentation. Sharon Pinkenson, Executive Director of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, was also honored as marketer of the year for her hard work and dedication to transforming Philadelphia into one of the most popular areas for television and film.

Regarding his thoughts about the Center for Consumer Research, Dr. Allan says: “I hope the center will gain a respectable internal and external reputation.”  It is Dr. Allan’s hope that the CCR will become more well-known throughout Saint Joseph’s University and also in the Greater Philadelphia Area as a place that understands the values of marketing and consumer research, and also as a platform that enables others to share their research with the Center’s community of academic and industry stakeholders.   


Dr. Allan has published numerous articles in academic journals, including the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Advertising Research, International Journal of Advertising, and the Journal of Advertising & Society Review and Musicology. He also is frequently quoted in industry and mass media publications such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and Billboard on topics relating to advertising and the music industry. 



Dr. Janée N. Burkhalter

Dr. Burkhalter     

Dr. Janée N. Burkhalter is currently an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA, as well as a Research Fellow at Saint Joseph’s University’s Center for Consumer Research.  Prior to returning to academia, Dr. Burkhalter spent several years in financial services marketing focusing on niche markets.  In her academic career, she incorporates her knowledge of niche markets and researches new media and nontraditional marketing practices, such as brand placement.  In addition to her interest and experience in these areas, Dr. Burkhalter also explores marketing strategies in the entertainment industry.

Her current research investigates how the embedding of brands in hip-hop music videos may influence the consumption behaviors of musical subcultures.   For one of her projects, Dr. Burkhalter and a few students watched a series of music videos ranging from 1998-2008 and searched for products used in the videos.  They then analyzed how the products have changed over time.  Questions they hoped to answer included: What positive or negative associations were being made with these products?

The fluctuation of digital media in today’s world has put more control into the hands of the consumer, and Dr. Burkhalter views this as a critical change in marketing over the past few years.  Thanks to social media marketing, sharing information and media has never been simpler.   Dr. Burkhalter continues to research how the impact of social networking is becoming synonymous with marketing methods and techniques in the digital culture.

Currently, she is working with two students to review the top seventy movies from 2006-2011 in order to analyze the branding of food products in films that target younger viewers. Some of these titles include films such as: Pirates of the Caribbean , Kung Fu Panda, and Cars.  Through this research project, Dr. Burkhalter and her students hope to uncover patterns in food branding in the film industry.   They want to discover what messages are being sent to younger viewers through the use of product placement, and the impact it will have on them and their future decisions concerning food choice.

A few of her other upcoming projects that she is excited about are: “Tweet This, Not That: A Comparison Between Brand Promotions in Microblogging Environments Using Celebrity and Company-Generated Tweets,” and “Celebrity Tweets: Personal Communications or Sponsored Messages?” with Dr. Natalie T. Wood.  They hope to not only analyze people’s responses to celebrity tweets, but also their perceptions.  How do consumers feel if the endorsement is not coming from the actual celebrity themselves, but from a celebrity’s associate?  Are consumers still receptive to the product, or does it lose credibility when it is filtered through a celebrity spokesperson? In their research, Dr. Burkhalter and Dr. Wood hope to delve into the consumers’ behavior based off of celebrities’ personally endorsed brands versus their endorsed brands that are sponsored.

Dr. Burkhalter is proud to be a Research Fellow at The Center for Consumer Research.  It is her hope to combine her corporate background with her academic strengths to conduct research with value for consumers.  She is excited to work with other colleagues and professionals to get the chance to exchange and develop new ideas while maintaining a real world perspective.  The CCR offers the opportunity to learn new things, stay connected, and achieve synergies between corporate and academic ideals.  By sharing and publicizing her research, as well as the research of her colleagues, Dr. Burkhalter hopes that the research of the CCR will connect marketing professionals and consumers.

Dr. Burkhalter has been published in the Journal of Marketing Communications, the Kennesaw Journal of Undergraduate Research, the Journal of Financial Services Marketing, the Journal of Entrepreneurial Education, Business Education Digest and the Journal of Business and Economics Research.