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Course Forms

See below for complete descriptions of the forms and action steps for getting things done.  Please note that the following information is intended for students who are majoring in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Procedures may vary for students who are majoring in the Haub School of Business.  HSB students should consult with the William F. Leahy Advising Center.  All forms may be downloaded from this site.  Paper copies are also available in the CAS Advising Support Center (BL 122) and Hawk Central (BL 121).

Form Name Advisor signature required Chair signature required Associate Dean signature required1
Add/Drop (No Form Required - add/drop online) Day Students - PIN required NA NA
Course Overrides No Yes (Chair for the course)
Course Overload Yes No Yes2
Withdrawal from a Course Yes No Yes3
Independent Study Request Faculty Mentor Signature
Yes (for the Course)
Permission to take a course elsewhere Yes Yes (if taking a major or minor course)
Winter Intersession
Yes (For GEP & Electives) Yes (For Major Courses) No
Summer SJU Courses
Yes (obtain PIN for online registration) No No

Change from credit to Audit 
Also requires instructor's signature

No No Yes3
Request Pass/No Penalty No Approval Required
See the SJU Catalog for details

1. For forms requiring a signature from an Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences (Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Natural Sciences, Math & Computer Science), students may drop off their form in the CAS Dean's Office, BL 113.  If needed, you may also schedule a meeting with one of the Associate Dean's through this office.

2. Associate Dean for the division in which your major is offered.

3. Associate Dean for the division in which the course is offered.

Detailed information for Course Forms:

1. Add/Drop a Course

Students may add and/or drop courses through the end of the add/drop period which typically extends through the first week of class (see the academic calendar for the official date). Schedule changes made during this period will not appear on a student’s transcript.

After the add/drop period ends, you can no longer drop a course, but you may be able to withdraw from a course by completing the paperwork to receive a grade of W in the course with the written approval from the Dean’s Office. Procedures for a withdrawal request are outlined later in this section.

Log onto My SJU to add/drop classes after discussing changes with your academic advisor.  Please note that the PIN does not change during the Add/Drop period for upper class students.  First Year Students must see their advisor to discuss changes and obtain a PIN for Add/Drop.  


2. Course Overload (Permission to take a sixth course)

Students must request permission to take six (6) courses in a semester.  Permission to take a sixth course requires a superior academic record; exceptions may be made at the discretion of the dean’s office. Additional tuition is charged for this overload. In most cases, full-time tuition includes up to 17 credits per semester.The credit limit is higher for students who are majoring in the sciences because of the lab hours required.

Note: Remember that you are expected to do approximately 3 hours of outside class preparation for each hour spent in class. This translates to approximately 9 hours of work in addition to the 3 hours of class time for a 6th 3-credit course. This is a significant commitment which you should carefully consider and discuss with your advisor.

Required Form:  Course Overload Form

Steps to request permission to take a sixth course

  • Complete the first portion of the request form indicating your reason for the overload.
  • Meet with your faculty advisor to obtain his/her approval.
  • Meet with the Associate Dean for your major and obtain his/her approval.
  • Deliver the completed form to Hawk Central (BL 121) and retain a copy for your records.

3. Authorization to Override a Course Seating Limit (and other restrictions)

Students may request permission to be signed into a course for a variety of reasons including a closed course, reserved-closed course, pre-requisite restriction, time conflict, campus restriction, major restriction, or class level. The Dean’s Office cannot provide an override for closed or reserved-closed courses. 

Steps to request an override for a course

The Course Override Approval process varies by department. However, in all cases, permission of the Department Chair is required for all closed or restricted courses. Some departments complete the override using the Authorization to Override a Course Seating Limit Form.  However, most departments complete the course override electronically. If done electronically, the Department Chair opens a seat specifically for the student making the request.  The student must register on-line through My SJU using the CRN number for registration. If the form is used, after appropriate signature(s) are obtained, deliver the completed form to Hawk Central (BL 121) and retain a copy for your records.  Contact the relevant department for more information for the course for which you are seeking an override.


4. Withdrawal from a Course

A student who wishes to withdraw from a course after the add/drop period must complete a Withdrawal from Course form. A student withdrawing with appropriate permission will receive a W on his/her transcript. A student who stops attending class without appropriate permission will receive the grade VF or FA. Please see the University’s Academic Calendar for the deadline to withdraw from a class.

Required Form: Withdrawal from Course Form

Steps to request a withdrawal from a class before the deadline to withdraw:

  • Complete the Withdrawal from Course form, indicating your reason for the request to withdraw.
  • Meet with your faculty advisor and obtain his/her recommendation for withdrawal.
  • Obtain approval from the Dean in which the course is offered:
    • For courses offered in the CAS, drop off the completed form in the CAS Dean’s Office (BL 113) for approval.
    • For HSB courses, you may seek approval from the HSB Leahy Advising Center (MV 289) or the Associate Dean for the HSB (MV 342).
  • For CAS courses, you will be notified via email when your request has been approved. 
Note: A request for withdrawal from a course made after the deadline to withdraw requires an extraordinary and unusual reason, the recommendation of the instructor, and the approval of the Associate Dean for the Division in which the course is offered. Please see the SJU Academic Calendar for the last day to withdraw from a course for the current semester.


5. Independent Study Approval

Students who have completed four regular semesters with an overall grade point average of 3.0 (or cumulative average of 3.4 or higher for courses in the major field) may, with the prior approval of the Department Chair and Dean's office, register each semester for one upper division course in the major field (or a closely related field) to be taken in the Independent Study/Directed Readings or Research/Tutorial format.

Required Form:  Student Application for Independent Study, Directed Readings, Research, and Similar Courses form 

Steps to request approval to take an Independent Study/Directed Readings Course:

  • Identify a faculty member willing to serve as a faculty mentor for the experience.
  • Work with your mentor to develop a course expectation form or plan of study for the experience.
  • Meet with your Department Chair to review your proposal and obtain his/her approval.
  • Present both the course expectation form and application form to the Associate Dean in which the course is offered for review and approval.
  • Deliver the signed form to the Registrar’s Office (BL 106). They will create a course and register you for the class.
  • Retain a copy for your records.

6. Permission to Take a Course Elsewhere/Transfer Courses

Students may be permitted to take courses for degree credit in other four-year colleges and universities with approval from the Dean’s Office. Unless an approved degree program provides otherwise, no more than six such courses (of the 40 required) may be credited toward the degree, and no more than two courses may be credited each summer. Students may not take summer courses in order to advance their degree. DO NOT register for the course until appropriate approvals have been obtained. Transfer grades do not affect the calculation of your GPA. A grade of “C” or better is required in order for the credit to be granted. A C- grade is not adequate.

Required Form:   Permission to Take Courses Elsewhere Form

Steps to request permission to take a course elsewhere: 

  • Identify a course offered at another college or university that meets your curriculum needs.  Meet with your advisor and obtain his/her approval to take the course. Please note that HSB students may see their advisor or the William F. Leahy Advising Center (MV 289) for this approval.
  • Request course approval:
    • For courses offered in the CAS, submit the request form and a course description/syllabus to the CAS Dean’s Office (BL 113).  The Associate Dean will evaluate the course for equivalency and consider your request to take the course elsewhere.  Students will be notified via email of the Associate Dean’s decision.  If approved, the Dean's Office will forward a copy of the signed form to the Registrar's Office.
    • For courses offered in the HSB, submit this form and a course description/syllabus to the Chair of the relevant department in the HSB.  After obtaining course equivalency approval from the Chair, submit this form to the William F. Leahy Advising Center (MV 289) for permission to take the course. Submit the signed for to the Registrar's Office. 
  • If you are a CAS student seeking permission to take a course in your major or minor, Department Chair/Program Director approval also is required.  
  • After approvals are obtained, register for the class.  Earn a C or better in the course; request a transcript to be sent to the SJU Registrar’s Office.

7. Winter Intersession Course Approval and Registration

Please note that students can only take one course during winter Intersession.

Required Form:  No form required - as of Intersession 2014, registration is an online process. 

Steps to request permission to take an intersession course at SJU

(Please note:  Dean’s Office approval is NOT required for intersession courses)

  • Permission to take an elective and/or a GEP course requires only your faculty advisor’s approval.  If approved, your advisor will give you your PIN for intersession registration through MY SJU.  Registrar as you do for fall/spring semester.  Please note:  If an intersession course has been approved by the University to be taken as a GER and/or GEP course, it will be noted on the class schedule and on the syllabus which is linked to the PLS website. If such notation is not there, the course has not been approved for GER/GEP.
  • If you intend to take a major course during Intersession, please confirm with your Department Chair or Program Director that the course can be used toward a major requirement.  


Required Action[top]

8. SJU Summer Course Approval and Registration

Summer courses are offered at SJU through the College of Professional and Liberal Studies (CPLS). Students typically are limited to taking a maximum of six CPLS courses (and/or summer courses taken at another college or university) with no more than 2 courses permitted per summer.  Courses may not be used to advance your degree.

Required Form:  No form required - as of Summer 2014, registration is an online process. 

Steps to request permission to take a summer course at SJU
  • Meet with your faculty advisor. Discuss summer course options and obtain his/her approval to take a summer course at SJU.  
  • Your advisor will give you your PIN for summer registration.  Beginning March 24 you can log onto My SJU to register for up to 2 summer courses using your summer PIN. 
  • Regular pre-requisites apply--only the appropriate Department Chair may override pre-requisite requirements for a class.
  • Co-op classes are restricted to co-op students only. At a designated date, these courses may be opened to the general student population. If interested in taking one of these classes, contact the Co-op Program.
  • Tuition for summer classes reflects the College of Professional and Liberal Studies rate.
  • If you change your mind about taking this course (or courses), you must drop the course(s) by end of the Add/Drop period for your summer session.   You may do this through My SJU.  If you drop the course by this date, you will get a full refund for the course and the course will be removed from your transcript.  top]

9. Change from Credit to Audit

Full-time students may opt to change a course status from credit to audit. A student requesting this change should meet with the instructor to discuss the change. Audited courses appear on a student's grade report and on the official record with the grade X. The Dean may allow a student to change from credit to audit status no later than two weeks after the end of the quarter, but not to avoid penalties imposed through the University's Academic Honesty Policy. The reverse change, from audit to credit status, is not permitted.

Please note that students who are auditing a course are required to attend class and do regular assignments and exercises. They are not required to take the final exam or write a term paper. Exceeding the class cut policy determined by the instructor will result in the grade being changed from audit to withdrawal (W).

Required Form: Change from Credit to Audit form

Steps to request a course be changed from credit to audit:

  • Meet with your instructor to discuss your reasons for changing from credit to audit and to obtain his/her recommendation.
  • Obtain approval of Associate Dean of the Division in which the course is offered.  For CAS classes, drop off the form in the CAS Dean's Office (BL 113).  For HSB classes, please see Associate Dean Patrick O'Brien (MV 289). 
  • Submit the original to Hawk Central (BL 121) and retain a copy for your records.


10. Pass/No Penalty

Please consult with the SJU Undergrad Programs Catalog for more information. Juniors and seniors may take up to two (2) free electives during their undergraduate career, on a pass/no penalty basis. The final course grade has no effect on the students GPA, and credits will be earned if a passing grade is attained. A student can declare only one pass/no penalty course per semester. This declaration can only be made during the first week of the semester.

Required Form:  Pass/No Penalty Form (available in Hawk Central (BL 121). 

Requests to use this option are made in Hawk Central (BL 121). No approvals are required. Retain a copy for your records.