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Just Health Care in Developing Nations        


Theology 368 / IHS 368           

Faith-Justice Academic Immersion Experience
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Students seeking the Interdisciplinary Health Care Ethics Minor - Basic Tract - are required to complete six (6) courses from at least 3 departments; no more than 3 courses from any one department may count for credit toward the minor.
The prerequisite course is PHL 154 Moral Foundations

  • Of the six (6) Minor courses, students are required to complete:
  • THE 366 Christian Medical Ethics
  • Four (4) elective courses (listed below)
  • Capstone Course (senior year) which can be fulfilled in either of two ways:

1. Take THE 368 (Just Health Care in Developing Nations), or

2. Take an additional elective course. Surely, every course requires a term paper which you submit to your instructor. The Capstone requirement is to write an ethical analysis of the topic you develop in the term paper (at least 4 pages in length). Submit term paper plus ethical analysis to program director at least 2 weeks before end of senior year*.


In addition to the course work, every semester all students must attend at least two (2) events sponsored by the Institute of Catholic Bioethics. Make sure to sign-in for all events. (The Interdisciplinary Health Care Ethics Minor - Basic Tract - is open to students in all majors.)

Elective Courses - choose any four (4)

1. PMK 180-SL Patient Access to Health Care

2. PMK 493 Pharmaceutical Internship

3. ECN 390 Economics of Health Care

4. IHS 110 Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illnesses and Disabilities

5. IHS 151 Global Health Care

6. IHS 211 Health Care Systems & Its Responsibilities

7. IHS 252 Health Care Policy

8. IHS 253 Nutrition: Health & Disease

9. IHS 256 HIV/AIDS: Sexuality, Money, Politics, Research, Public Health and Ethics

10. IHS 343 Helping & Healing: Ethics, Community & Personal Transformation

11. IHS 345 Better Death: Hospice Care

12. PHL 250 Philosophy of Death

13. PHL 314 Topics in Philosophy and Medicine

14. SOC 216 (IHS 216) Alcohol, Drugs and Society

15. SOC 217 (IHS 217) Mental Health & Society

16. SOC 223 (IHS 323)Health and Society

17. THE 261 Christian Social Ethics

18. THE 347-SL Death & Rebirth

19. THE 361 Catholic Social Teaching

20. THE 362 Faith & Justice: Scripture and Social Values

21. THE 364 Sexuality & Catholic Morality

22. THE 368-SL Just Health Care in Developing Nations

23. THE 373 Economic Ethics

* Information about Curriculum & sponsored events - consult our web site