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Institute of Catholics Bioethics

Jesuit Medical Mission Clinic


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The Jesuit Medical Mission Clinic at Saint John the Baptist Parish is located in the Luhanga section of Dar es Salaam. The staff of the Institute of Catholic Bioethics has been invited by Emmanuel Mchopa, S.J. Pastor of the parish to sponsor various clinical and research projects at the medical clinic and in the parish. We are doing research projects in two distinct areas: first, Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation; second HIV/AIDS Prevention/Education. These are two separate research projects but they are intimately connected from a clinical perspective. We are involved in hands-on clinical work with HIV/AIDS patients as well as research on issues surrounding international public health and bioethics such as: human dignity, human rights, quality of life, stewardship of medical resources, just allocation of antiretroviral drugs, health care education/prevention, etc.

Institute Program Description

A team from the Institute volunteered in the medical clinic during the summer of 2008 doing various types of clinical work. Each year the staff of the Institute organizes donations of medicines and medical supplies for the clinic.  These donations have included microscopes, centrifuges, glaucomatous, sterilization trays, maternity kits, etc. Presently, the Fellows of the Institute are working on designing and creating a water filter that can be placed in numerous homes in the parish to decrease the number of typhoid cases among the members of the parish.

The Institute was awarded a $2000 grant from the Gustafson Foundation in 2007 for medical supplies for the Jesuit Clinic.

The Institute was awarded a $2000 grant from the Gustafson Foundation in 2008 for HIV/AIDS education and prevention for the Jesuit Clinic.