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Peter Clark, S.J., Ph.D., is a Professor of Theology and Health Administration and the Director of the Institute of Catholic Bioethics at Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  He is also an Affiliated Scholar-Associate at the Center for Clinical Bioethics at Georgetown University Medical Center and Bioethicist for the Mercy Health System in Philadelphia. 

"Death with DIGNITY   Ethical and Practical Considerations of Caregivers of the Terminally Ill"  is a poignant book created as a resource for patient's and thier families who fear unnecessary suffering and excessive medical intervention. 

"The culture of death in the United States has changed over the decades.  Throughout most of the twentieth century, people died primarily at home, and their loved ones, their physician, their minister, priest, or rabbi, and the community assumed responsibility.  With the advent of technology and the cultural shift toward individual autonomy, our understanding of dying and death changed.  The location of death shifted to the hospital where the latest advances in medicine and technology are initiated and physicians have become the gatekeepers.  Consequently, although the intention of the patient's family and physician is to give the best medical treatment available, in reality, they are denying the patient the best of care.  The result has been that many individuals are dying without the dignity and respect they deserve.  Instead of being surrounded by loved ones with their symptoms adequately assessed and managed, they are often dying alone, alienated, and dehumanized, connected to all types of sophisticated, yet burdensome and expensive technology....

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