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Withdrawal From Courses

Students may withdraw from one or more courses up to two weeks after the mid-term by completing the withdrawal form which can be obtained at The dates for the end of the withdrawal period are listed under Academic Calendar. Students who stop attending classes without officially notifying the University in writing will receive a grade of FA.

Students dropping during the late registration period, which in a fall or spring semester ends six days after the first class meets, will not have the course listed on the official record or transcript. Students who withdraw after this time will have the grade of W entered on their record.

Withdrawal later than two weeks after the mid-term requires an extraordinary and unusual reason, the approval of the instructor, and the approval of the appropriate Director of the graduate program. In no case will withdrawal be permitted after the last class in the semester has been held. For the policy on refund of tuition, applicable to students who withdraw within the first four weeks of class, see Expenses and Financial Aid.

Instead of withdrawing from a course, students may wish to consider changing to audit status, described under Audit Students. Auditors receive the grade of X.