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Withdrawal from Courses

Students wishing to withdraw from a course must submit an official notice of withdrawal to the College of Professional and Liberal Studies (CPLS) office in writing on the day of withdrawal. The date the University receives the notice of withdrawal shall in all cases be considered the day of withdrawal. Withdrawal from any course without official notice will result in the recording of FA (failure due to excessive absences) in that course. Students are permitted to withdraw from an individual course or from all courses. Grading and refund regulations apply only to the course(s) from which a student has officially withdrawn. No refund of the semester’s tuition will be made after the fifth week of class. For refund schedule, see Student Expenses.

A student withdrawing from a course during the add/drop period will not have the course listed on his or her official record.

A student who wishes to withdraw after the add/drop period must do so in writing through the College of Professional and Liberal Studies by completing the appropriate form in the office no later than the withdrawal deadline date as established by the Office of the Registrar. Students are encouraged to discuss withdrawing from a course with an instructor prior to submitting a withdrawal form.

Withdrawals after the preceding deadline will not be granted, except for extraordinary and unusual reasons. The avoidance of undesirable grades is not a sufficient reason. Extraordinary withdrawals are not granted during and after the last full class week of the semester. The student must make this request in writing and receive the permission of the instructor and the Associate Dean. Forms are available in 117 BL. If approved, the appropriate grade would be W. A student who withdraws without permission will receive a grade of FA.

Should the general good of the University be involved, the right is reserved to request the withdrawal of any student. Withdrawal is not permitted for the purpose of avoiding penalties imposed through the University’s Academic Honesty Policy.