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Theology and Religious Studies

Shawn M. Krahmer, Ph.D., Chair

As a Catholic liberal arts institution, Saint Joseph’s University takes seriously the religious dimension of human life, and considers the study of religion an integral part of a truly liberal education. Accordingly, two courses in theology are required of all students. (See General Education Program.)

In keeping with its character as an institution with strong ties to the Roman Catholic tradition, special emphasis is given to the thought of this tradition in the requirement that all students take either THE 154 Faith, Justice and the Catholic tradition or THE/REL 221 Introduction to the New Testament. In addition, because of the challenge of religious diversity in the world in which we live, all students must take one THE/REL course within the approved category of Religious Difference. Such courses include Hebrew Bible, Comparative Religion, Judaism, Islam, Indian Buddhism, Mayahanna Buddhism, and Hinduism. All courses in this department are taught as academic disciplines fully respecting the personal religious option of each student. This fact, plus the variety of courses offered, ensures that no student’s conscience will be violated through courses pursued in this Department.