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Theology and Religious Studies



Clark, S.J., Cunningham, Genovesi, S.J., Madges

Associate Professors


Beyer, Caccamo

, Feske, Carpenter, Kerkeslager, Krahmer (Chair), Tripole, S.J. (Emeritus), Wells

Assistant Professors


Andrews, Finnegan, S.J. (Emeritus), Gregerman, Jacobitz, Oxx, Sammon, Yazicioglu

Visiting Assistant Professor

: Siniscalchi

Department Mission Statement

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies is committed to a rigorous presentation of the methods and content of both Christian Theology and Religious Studies as academic disciplines. We view these combined disciplines as an important component within the liberal arts curriculum of a Roman Catholic university in the Jesuit tradition. We strive to engage ourselves and our students in the critical study of theological and religious traditions, praxis, and intellectual inquiry, both historically and in the contemporary world.

In pursuit of this mission, the department recognizes three primary goals:

  • Provide students with an understanding of the foundations of Christian faith and its implications for life in society, especially within the Roman Catholic tradition;
  • Instill in students a capacity for the examination of theological and religious traditions from a critical distance;
  • Foster in students and professional colleagues an appreciation for the diversity that exists within the contemporary, scholarly study of theology and religion and within the department’s faculty and their research endeavors.