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Requirements for the Theatre & Film Major

Requirements for the Theatre & Film Major

GEP Signature Courses (see Curricula); 6 courses

GEP Variable Core Courses (see Curricula); 8-10 courses

GEP Integrative Learning Courses (see below); 3 courses

GEP Electives: 11-13 courses, depending on how many required courses in variable core and choice of major concentration.

The Theatre & Film Major (10 courses)

Each student is required to take the following five Theatre & Film common courses:

MTF 161

Introduction to Theatre

MTF 263

Acting I

MTF 191

Introduction to Film

MTF 284

Digital Filmmaking

MTF 495

Senior Project*

*see course description below for explanation of the department’s capstone experience.

Students then select a Track in which to complete the major.

Track 1 – Theatre Track (5 courses)

MTF 267

Theater Design

MTF 264

Acting II

MTF 266

Theatre History

MTF 261

Performance Practicum

MTF 265

Directing for the Stage OR MTF 268 Musical Theatre History & Performance

Track 2 – Musical Theatre Track (5 courses)

MTF 151

Musical Fundamentals

MTF 251

Music Theory I

MTF 264

Acting II

MTF 268

Musical Theatre History & Performance

MTF 269

Musical Theatre Dance Styles

Track 3 – Film Track (5 courses)

MTF 282

Screenwriting I

TWO Electives

Production Workshop courses (see list below)

TWO Electives

Cinema Studies courses (see list below)

*note: If a student will be writing a Thesis for their Senior Project, s/he is required to take MTF 391- Film Theory and Criticism; if s/he will be writing a feature screenplay, s/he is required to take MTF 382 – Screenwriting II.

Film Concentration Courses:

Advanced Production Workshops

MTF 281

Producing & Business of Film

MTF 381

Producing II

MTF 382

Screenwriting II

MTF 383

Film Directing

MTF 384

Digital Cinematography

MTF 385

Audio for Digital Media

MTF 386

Editing & Digital Post Production

MTF 387

Studio & Post-Production Audio

MTF 388

Documentary Workshop

MTF 389

Animation Workshop

MTF 393

Professional Film Production Workshop

Cinema Studies Courses

MTF 292

European Cinema (rotating)

MTF 293

Asian & Pacific Cinema (rotating)

MTF 294

World Cinema (rotating)

MTF 291

American Film (rotating)

MTF 295

Major Figures in Film (rotating)

MTF 391

Film Theory and Criticism

MTF 392

Special Topics in Film (rotating)

The Integrated Learning Component for the Theatre & Film major (3 courses)

As part of the GEP, all majors in Theatre & Film will select one course each from three of the following categories:


One Art Studio Course


One Art History Course


One Communications Studies Course


One Dramatic Literature Course


One Playwriting or Dramaturgy Course


One chair-approved CAS course in Cinema Studies presented from the perspective of an independent discipline (i.e. Sociology, Psychology, Political Sciences, etc.)