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Post-Master’s Certificate in Criminal Justice

Students who earned a Master’s degree in criminal justice or a closely related discipline may update/expand their knowledge or expertise through this certificate program. There are several options including Criminal Justice Administration; Federal Law Enforcement; Intelligence and Crime Analysis; Police Executive Administration; Probation, Parole, and Corrections; Behavior Counseling; Criminology; Behavior Analysis; and Restorative Justice. Each certificate requires successful completion of eighteen credits (six courses) including four courses from a prescribed group and two free electives (see the concentrations specified above). Students who complete the Post-Master’s Certificate program may apply these credit hours towards a M.S. degree. Students must submit an updated application and meet all MS degree application requirements:

  • Submit admissions application to the Office of Graduate Operations.
  • Complete the four required core classes.
  • If Master’s Degree is not in Criminal Justice or a closely related field, you may be required to take CRJ 656 Criminal Justice System