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Professors: Godfrey,S.J., Kearney (Emeritus), McCall, McCarthy, Moody, Wachterhauser

Associate Professors: Boettcher, Brokes, Linehan, R.S.M., Lombardi, S.J., Payne, St. Amour (Chair)

Assistant Professors: Corabi, Hebbeler, G. Hoffman, McDonald, Wills

Visiting Assistant Professors: Fleeger, E. Hoffman, Studt,S.J.

Philosophy is a creative and critical exploration of the meanings and values by which we live our lives. Philosophers inquire, in a disciplined yet free and unrestricted manner, into matters indispensible to our humanity and to human flourishing in society, politics, and culture. By attempting to understand reason itself, and in specifying the conditions under which reality can be known truly, philosophers examine the fundamental presuppositions and the normative foundations of human practices such as language, law, science, art, education, ethics, and religion. To enter into philosophy is to find a new way of wondering and speaking about those things that matter most to us as human beings—love and friendship, work and creativity, suffering and death, identity and diversity, God and the mystery of evil, freedom and responsibility, and the possibility of living a good and meaningful life.