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Pass/No Penalty Course Grade Option

In order to encourage students to challenge their interests and limitations in areas outside their chosen field of study, the University has a Pass/No Penalty grade option for students. This provision allows students the ability to select certain courses in which they are registered to be taken on a Pass/No Penalty basis for grading When a student opts for this basis in accord with established stipulations, the final grade will result in no effect on the student’s grade point average (GPA). However, credits earned will be awarded if a passing grade is attained. Also, a standard passing grade submitted by an instructor for such students will be converted to the grade of P on the student’s transcript and a failing grade will be converted to NP by the Registrar’s Office upon review of the final grades for the course in question. The description of these grades and their meaning and usage are described in the appropriate section of this catalog.

Students may opt to take a course on this basis as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The course selected is a free elective, not counting in any way toward the student’s general education requirements, or prescribed major or minor program requirements. Further, students are only permitted to take 2 (two) such courses under this option during their undergraduate career at Saint Joseph’s, and no more than 1 (one) such course in a given semester.
  • The student and the course selected are on the undergraduate level and the student has attained junior or senior status at the university.

In addition to the above stipulations, students are required to submit their request to Hawk Central (BL 121) by the conclusion of the add/drop period for that term. Once accepted by Hawk Central personnel, the student accepts responsibility for the course meeting the stated eligibility requirements. Further upon submission of the request, the Pass/No Penalty option can not be reversed. Questions regarding this option may be directed to Hawk